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Worksheet Solutions: Subject Verb Concord - English Grammar Class 10

Q.1. Read the following sentences and write their corrected forms in the space provided:

(i) The show are at six

The show is at six. 

(ii) Bryan love the painting

Bryan loves the painting. 

(iii) Either of the boys are coming today

Either of the boys is coming today. 

(iv) The family have a long history

The family has a long history. The families have a long history. 

(v) Some of the files seem to be missing 

Some of the files seem to be missing. 

Q.2. There is an error in each of the following lines. Underline the error and write the correct word in the space provided against each line:

Animal cruelty can take many different forms. (i) ______
It does include obvious and intentional acts of violence, (ii) ______ 
but it also includes animals neglect or the failure to (iii) ______ 
looks after its welfare. In fact this also (iv) ______ 
include any form of psychological harm. There (v) ______ 
is so many ways of being cruel that Animal Welfare Acts (vi) ______ 
may include act such as confining or transporting an animal (vii) ______
in a way that are inappropriate for its welfare. (viii) ______

(i) forms

(ii) not only includes

(iii) includes

(iv) their

(v) includes

(vi) are

(vii) acts

(viii) is

Q.3. In each of the lines below, one verb does not agree with the subject. Underline the wrong verb and write it correctly:

Gauri and Tamanna is visiting the Jaisalmer Fort. (i) ______
The Jaisalmer Fort are one of the largest forts (ii) ______
in the world. The fort stand in the middle of the (iii) ______
Thar Desert. Several tales of valour is attached (iv) ______
to this fort. Many warriors has tried to capture (v) ______
this fort. A few has succeeded. (vi) ______

(i) are

(ii) is

(iii) stands

(iv) are

(v) have

(vi) have

Q.4. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verb given in brackets:

Besides encountering the strange aborigines, the first English settlers (i) ______ (find) themselves in the presence of new and wide variations of climate. In their old home, they (ii) ______ (accustom) to a moderate temperature. Now they (iii) ______ (have) before them a great range of climate from the cold coasts of Maine to the hot savannahs of Georgia, with all the gradations from the far North to the deep South. To the exigencies of these variations, all the immigrants, from the British Isles as well as the Continent, (iv) ______ (have) to adapt themselves. Wherever the colonists set to work, they (v) ______ (brave) hostile weather conditions.

(i) found

(ii) had been accustomed

(iii) had

(iv) had

(v) were braving

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Worksheet Solutions: Subject Verb Concord | English Grammar Class 10


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