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Word Galaxy

  • Admired – respected
  • Wit – the ability to use words or ideas in a clever and entertaining way
  • Advisor – a person who tells you what you should do
  • Intelligence – the ability to think and understand things logically
  • Valuables – things of great value or importance

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Vikram Veer was the name of

i. a minister

ii. a thief

iii. an emperor

(b) The theft had taken place at

i. Alim Khan’s house

ii. Vikram Veer’s

iii. Birbal’s house

(c) Birbal applied black paint to

i. the ears of a donkey

ii. the horns of a goat

iii. the tail of a donkey

Question 2: Complete the following sentences:

(a) Birbal thought that the thief must be one of the ministers because no thief would dare to enter a minister’s house.

(b) Birbal asked the guard to get a donkey to the court and tie it to the pillar.

(c) All ministers touched the donkey’s tail and said I have not stolen.

(d) Alim Khan did not have any black patch on his palms as he only pretended to touch the donkey’s tail.

Question 3: Why was the minister, Vikram Veer worried?

Answer: Vikram Veer was worried becauseall his valuables had been stolen by a thief.

Question 4: Why did the emperor Akbar get shocked after hearing about the theft?

Answer: Akbar was shocked to hear this because the place where that minister lived was the safest place in the kingdom.

Question 5: Whom did the emperor Akbar invite to solve the mystery?

Answer: The emperor Akbar invited Birbal to solve the mystery.

Question 6: What did Birbal ask the guard to do?

Answer: Birbal asked the guard to get a donkey to the court and tie it to the pillar.

Question 7: How did Birbal catch the thief?


How did Birbal prove Alim Khan guilty?

Answer: Birbal ordered all the courtiers to lift the donkey’s tail and say, “I have not stolen”. After everyone has finished, he asked the courtiers to show their palm to him. All the courtiers except Alim Khan had a black patch of paint on their palm. Birbal had actually painted the donkey’s tail with a black coat of paint. In the fright, the guilty minister did not touch the donkey’s tail at all. That is how Birbal caught the thief and it again proved his intelligence.

Question 8: What lesson have you learnt from the story?

Answer: The lesson learnt is -Truth will always prevail.


Think of any six Nouns. Write their Singular and Plural Forms.

1. One Donkey - Two Donkeys

2. One Pen - Two Pens

3. One Chair - Two Chairs

4. One Kite - Two Kites 

5. One King - Two Kings 

6. One Bottle - Two Bottles


A. Look at the list of words in the box and write them in the correct columns.

Biscuits, Children, Court, Donkey, Dove, Emperor, Frog, Kerala, Library, Money, Mother, Bottle 

PersonAnimal/ BirdPlaceThing

B. Look at the list of nouns. Write C for common noun or P for proper noun.

1. Australia - P

2. Christmas - P

3. Gorilla - C

4. Jane - P

5. Monument - C

6. Lane - C

7. Mr. Bhowmick - P

8. Nest - C

9. Jantar Mantar - P

10. Wednesday - P

C. Fill in each blank with the correct word from the following.

cards, flowers, grapes, soldiers, students, tools 

1. An army of soldiers.

2. A bunch of grapes.

3. A class of students.

4. A cluster of flowers.

5. A deck of cards.

6. A set of tools. 

D. Choose the correct options. There may be more than one correct options for each of these. 

1. A bunch of 

a. apples 

b. bananas

c. grapes

2. A crowd of 

a. onlookers

b. people

c. zebras

3. A fleet of 

a. boats

b. ships

c. trucks

4. A flight of 

a. stairs

b. steps

c, pigeons

5. A .............. of dogs.

a. kennel

b. litter

c. pack

6. A .................. of stars.

a. brightness

b. constellation

c. galaxy

7. A .......................... of thieves.

a, den

b. gang

c. mob

8. ..................... of trees.

a. A garden

b. A grove

c. An orchard

Listening and Speaking


A. Listen about a few jobs that poeple do, Then fill in each blank with the correct word. 

1. I work with a spade to dig soil.

     I use a hose to water plants.

    I am always in the middle of beautiful nature.

    I am a gardener.

2. Once upon a time I used to visit every home.

   I wear a khaki uniform.

   I deliver parcels and letters.

   I am a Postman.

3. I am always dressed in colourful clothes.

    I wear a conical cap on my head.

    I make people laugh.

    I am a Joker. 


1. One day a crow found a slice of bread on the grass.

2. It took the slice of bread in his mouth and went to a tree to eat.

3. A clever fox came by and saw the crow with a slice of bread; the clever fox also wanted it.

4. The clever fox went under the tree and said ' Oh! You are such a beautiful crow. If only I could hear your beautiful voice. Won't you please sing a song for me?'

5. The foolish crow was filled with pride after hearing its praises, and open his mouth to sing.

6. The moment he opened his mouth, the slice of bread fell off and the clever fox picked it up and ran away. 

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