A hydrogen contain 90% of carbon and 10% hydrogen. The empirical formula of the compound is :-
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
    C H3
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Kritika Kumari answered  •  3 hours ago
Let us take the mass of compound =100 gm Moles of carbon = 12 90 ​ =7.5 Moles of hydrogen = 1 10 ​ =10 The ratio of C:H=7.5:10 =3:4 ∴ Empirical formula =C 3 ​ H 4 ​ . Hence, option C is correct.

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Ram Sourav Sharma answered  •  10 hours ago
Atoms are individuals part of a substance which are smaller than your body cells the weight of an atom depends on its nucleus in which proton and neutron are balence in quantity but proton are positively charged

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What are electrode? Define with examples?

Ankita answered  •  12 hours ago
An electrode is a solid electric conductor that carries electric current into non-metallic solids, or liquids, or gases, or plasmas, or vacuums. ... Examples of typical materials used for electrodes in analytical chemistry are amorphous carbon, gold, and platinum.

Which cell organelles are example of less cell organelles?

maheshwari's... answered  •  12 hours ago
Membraneless organelles are ribosome and centriole... also nucleolus is also membrane less component of nucleus

Explain the Nazi's art of propaganda ?

Sanskriti Singh Rajput answered  •  13 hours ago
The propaganda  used by the German Nazi party in the years leading up to and during Adolf Hitler's leadership of Germany  (1933–1945) was a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of Nazi policies. The pervasive use of propaganda by the Nazis is largely responsible for the word propaganda itself acquiring its present negative connotations.

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How did Sue respond to the doctor's advice?

Ankita answered  •  21 hours ago
The doctor declared that there were fewer chances for her friend’s survival. It was a grim warning for her. She thought that she must do something so that her friend Johnsy could get back her will to live and may recover soon. She was a pragmatic and tenacious person. Besides, she was determined to take her friend out of despair. Therefore, she began to think about the ways positively.

Name the disease in which patients fear from water ? Justify your answer.?

Ankita answered  •  21 hours ago
Hydrophobia means Fear of water. Hydrophobia is an aversion to water that develops in humans during the later stages of rabies. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that specific phobias affect 19.2 million adults in the United States.

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Ankita answered  •  22 hours ago
Despite the pain and injury the woodcutter has inflicted on the tree, it will bleed for a while, and heal in the normal course. It is protected by the mother earth, who will ensure that healing takes place.

The formula for M/m% is solute/solution×100?

Kruthi Shetty answered  •  yesterday
Mass of the solute divided by Mass of solution Multiplied by100

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