The part of a banana plant not used as food is
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
     inner stem
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?

Class 6 Question

By Deepanshu · Nov 25, 2019 ·Class 6
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Pravin Shirkande answered Jan 19, 2020

Ranjith Jebasingh answered Apr 20, 2020
Answer :root because the root is the part of plant of banana that is not used as food. The components of the plant that we will able to eat are inner stem, flowers , raw banana, and ripe banana. We also don't use the leaf of the plants of the plants banana as the food. The leaf is employed as a plate for having food, particularly throughout festivals

Meenakshi Singh answered May 24, 2020

Mushfiq Pathan answered Jun 06, 2020

Amankumar Amankumar answered Apr 12, 2020
We eat the raw fruits of Banana plant and the ripe fruits of Banana plant and we eat the the inner stem and flowers of the banana plant. The roots of the banana plants are not edible (edible - eatable).

Anshuman Kumar answered Jun 16, 2020
We don't eat banana root

Sonikumari 21085 answered Apr 28, 2020

Suraj Singh Singh answered Apr 01, 2020
Suraj singh rajput

Shashi Bhushan Sahani answered May 13, 2020

Suhana Jha answered Sep 15, 2020
Root is the part of the plant of banana that is not used as food. 

Reena Sunil answered Apr 30, 2020
Root is the correct answer

Chattishgarh Education C answered Jun 11, 2020
Root is a correct answer

Gobardhan Debnath answered Jun 11, 2020

Khushi Patel answered May 31, 2020
I think the answer is (a) flower or (b) fruit .
I am not shire .OK

Ram Naresh Shahi answered Aug 25, 2020
C is the answer here

Manju Dhankhar answered Apr 25, 2020
I think answer is root

Shaurya Kumar Singh answered Jun 09, 2020
The roots also are useful as they are found on a corm (rhizome) , which helps to give rise to new banana plants. Banana plant has soft stem although it looks like a small tree in size. ... The parts we do not eat are its root, leaf and outer peel of stem.

Naren Pasupuleti answered Jun 14, 2020
We cannot eat any root of any plant this is why


Shashi Shekhar answered May 25, 2020
because root is inside the soil

Beshika Angelin answered Apr 12, 2020
Root because we cannot use that part of banana tree in food.

Hawa Saeed answered Jun 06, 2020
Root because the root is the part of the plant that is not use as food

Ranjith Madhavan answered Jul 22, 2020
C is the correct answer because root, flower and inner stem are not edible

Hema Das answered Jun 08, 2020
ROOT is the answer

Neela Desai answered Jun 23, 2020
We use banana flower ,stem,as a food not root and leaf
not eating part of banana plant

Vanshika Sharma answered Jul 20, 2020
Flower my dear mate

Anndra Alice Kurian answered Jun 28, 2020
We did not use the root of the banana plant because that is not edible part of the banana but some fruits like radish carrot and so what we use this kind of fruits to eat because they are edible for us but other parts of the banana like the leaf fruit flower and so on we use it for cooking or eat so that's why we say that the root of the banana tree is not eaten by us

Manali Machahary answered Aug 11, 2020
Root because we don't eat roots of banans

Bedanta Das answered Jul 29, 2020
No I did not explain this answer.

Varun Saxena answered May 04, 2020
Ans. C. Root

Tushti Chandrakar answered Aug 05, 2020
C as we eat all the parts of the banana except the root.

Manirul Sk answered Aug 14, 2020
Root can't be eaten as it is non_eatable

Shara Vathi answered Jun 05, 2020
May be root is not edible . because stem is used for vegetables and leaves is to eat food because it has many nutrients which is mixed into food

Parmanand Chaurasiya answered Apr 25, 2020
D is the correct and best answer

Rajdeep Sinh Chuhan answered Aug 16, 2020
Root is correct answer

Zikra Jahangir answered Jul 17, 2020
Fruit is the correct answer you remember bananas which you eat

Badrinath Udayasree answered Aug 06, 2020
The correct answer is food

Parmeet answered Sep 02, 2020
Root is the right answer bcs it is not a edible part of a plant

Navjot Chahal answered Jun 04, 2020
Root is correct answer.....

Smridhi Soni answered Jun 25, 2020
( d) part : Root

Kiruthika Kiruthika answered Aug 23, 2020
Root because we can eat flower fruit as banana and stem we can eat these part but we don't eat root in banana plant.

Divyanka Pari answered Jun 05, 2020
Root is because the root is the part of plant of banana that is not use as food.

Maitreyi Khachane answered 3 weeks ago
Bananas root is not edible

Aditi Singh answered 3 days ago
Roots is the correct answer

Afra Simran answered Sep 14, 2020
Because the roof of banana plant is not ebible

Tanvi answered 2 weeks ago
Root is the correct ans.

Akash Akashsv answered Jul 18, 2020
The root is the part of the planet of banana that is not used as food

Sarthak Kale answered Jun 27, 2020
I think so inner stem

Atmaram Kadam answered May 13, 2020
Raj atmaram Kadam