Who are Happy after Tik tok Banned?

Humanities/Arts Question

Reena Shokeen
Jul 04, 2020
Me!but not only for tiktok i am happy for all the 59 chinese apps getting banned.this was necessary for our country to boycott china .

Baishali Bhoi
Jul 19, 2020
I am also happy

Sidharth Gupta
Jul 22, 2020
It's a temporary ban not a permanent tiktok may be come back govt of India has problem of just data leak from tik tok if things works in tiktok favor it may came back on 22 or 23 july

Sanjay Gupta
Jul 22, 2020
I'm also happy because due to this we people will develop our own software

Pankaj Pandey
Jul 04, 2020
Bhai mai to bolu ki phone ko bhi ban krwado

Sunita Machhua
Sep 05, 2020
I am very happy thank to our pm

Anvi Chaurasia
Jul 26, 2020
I'm but not only for tik tok, but also for all Chinese aaps have banned

Mukti Pandey
Sep 07, 2020
Me bcoz Chinese are using our money against us and this is totally unacceptable. We should be grateful enough that we have a government who has the courage to take hard decisions and are confident enough to do tit for tat.

Nitya Dudhyan
Jul 25, 2020
I am way more than happy because now more indian apps would be used and those would help in growing our economy and culture

Rohan Narwal
Sep 23, 2020
china dokhabaj ha
sabko pta ha china ki chiga kitni chalti ha

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