What is the national animal of India?

Class 2 Question

By Satyam Pradhan · Jul 09, 2020 ·Class 2
12 Answers
Mansi Raghuwanshi answered Jul 11, 2020
Tiger is national animal of India.This is very silly question .

Durgesh Partani answered Jul 19, 2020
The answer is tiger because in books they'll show the natural animal is tiger .

That's why.

And also check edurev teacher whether it is correct or incorrect .

Siddhartha Production Ho answered Aug 17, 2020
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Mukta Das answered Jul 12, 2020
Royal bengal tiger

Sakshi Singh answered Aug 11, 2020
Tiger is the National animal of India

Khushi Sinha answered 3 weeks ago
Tiger is the national animal of India.

Nagendra Mishra answered 2 weeks ago
The national animal is Tiger

Shivansh Yadav answered Jul 11, 2020
What's app no. do for 100% correct answer

Unknown answered 3 weeks ago

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