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Ques 51. The male part of a flower is called ________ 
Ans: Androecium

Ques 52. The bones are held together by elastic tissues called __ 
Ans: Ligaments

Ques 53. The age of trees can be ascertained by ________ 
Ans: Annular rings present

Ques 54. An orange is a rich source of ________
Ans: Vitamin C

Ques 55. Penicillin was discovered by ________ 
Ans: Alexander Fleming

Ques 56. Cloves are obtained from ________ 
Ans: Dried flower bud

Ques 57. Which is regarded as a link between the living and the non-living?
Ans: RNA

Ques 58. A rare and dying species, the Great Indian Bustard, is a _ 
Ans: bird

Ques 59. Other than spreading malaria, Anopheles mosquitoes are also vectors of ________
Ans: Filariasis

Ques 60. The source of three important narcotic drugs—bhang, ganja and hashish (charas) is ________
Ans: Indian hemp

Ques 61. A doctor advises a patient to take plenty of citrus fruits, guavas, tomatoes and amalas over a period of two months regularly. What do you think is the complaint of the patient?
Ans: Gums spongy, swollen and bleed easily

Ques 62. A simple sequence in which the grass grows, a cow eats the grass, a human eats the cow or drinks its milk, is an example of ________
Ans: Food chain

Ques 63. The increase in population all over the world is due to __
Ans: Failure to adopt family planning contraceptive devices

Ques 64. Malaria can be cured with a drug extracted from ____
Ans: Cinchona tree

Ques 65. Heavy alcohol consuming people generally die of _____
Ans: Cirrhosis

Ques 66. When a person, after a certain degree of exertion, suffers from pain in the chest or below the collar bones in the event of inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscles, he is said to suffer from ________ 
Ans: Angina pectoris

Ques 67. The diseases with high levels of uric acid in the blood is characteristic of ________ 
Ans: Goat

Ques 68. Cancer is a deadly disease because it has the ugly potentials of ________
Ans: Dissemination to vital organs

Ques 69. In the event of snake bite, a piece of cloth is tied tightly around the wound to ________
Ans: Prevent the poison from spreading

Ques 70. When dust gets into the eye, the part that becomes inflamed and pink is the ________ 
Ans: Conjunctiva

Ques 71. The expulsion of milk from the breast during sucking is brought about by ________ 
Ans: Oxytocin

Ques 72. The sex of a child is determined by ________ 
Ans:  At the time of the fertilisation of the ovum

Ques 73. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of ________ 
Ans: Dialysis

Ques 74. The least toxic of nitrogenous wastes is ________ 
Ans: Urea

Ques 75. The excreta of lizards and birds contains a white component which is chemically ________
Ans: Uric acid

Ques 76. The only reptiles that have specially adapted jaws to be able to swallow eggs or prey much larger in diameter than themselves are ________
Ans: Snakes

Ques 77. We lose consciousness if blood flow to the brain is cut off for more than ________
Ans: 5 seconds

Ques 78. Menopause usually occurs between ________
Ans: 45 to 50 years

Ques 79. In humans, ovarian follicles reach maturity from the beginning of a menstrual cycle in ________
Ans: 10 to 14 days

Ques 80. The adult human skeleton consists of ________
Ans: 206 bones

Ques 81. The total number of ear bones are ________
Ans: 6

Ques 82. An ecosystem consists of ________ 
Ans: A living community and its environment

Ques 83. The dreaded human disease, syphilis, is caused by ___
Ans: A bacterium

Ques 84. A pair of chromosomes determines sex in human beings and, therefore, these chormosomes are called sex chromosomes. What is the name given to the other chromosomes ________
Ans: Autosomes

Ques 85. A bacterium divides every minute and takes an hour to fill a cup. How much time will it take to fill half the cup?
Ans: 60 minutes

Ques 86. A particular cellorganelle is sometimes referred to as the ‘suicide bag’ because it contains certain enzymes that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell. Which one of the following is such an organelle?
Ans: Phagosome

Ques 87. Leather shoes are often covered by patches of a greenish fluffy mass during the rainy season, if unattended for sometime. This is due to the growth of a ________
Ans: Fungus

Ques 88. Freshly passed urine has hardly any smell but when it is allowed to stand, it develops a strong ammoniacal odour owing to ________
Ans: Conversion of urea to ammonia by bacteria

Ques 89. The mammal that lays eggs is ________
Ans: Duck-billed platypus

Ques 90. The colour of cow’s milk is slightly yellowish due to the presence of ________
Ans: Riboflavin

Ques 91. Starch is a polysaccharide synthesized by the green plants for storage as reserve food material. On hydrolysis by an acid or enzyme it yields ________
Ans: Glucose

Ques 92. Which compound found in all living organisms is rich in phosphorus?
Ans: Nucleic acids

Ques 93. We eat food ________
Ans: To produce chemical energy for various metabolic activities

Ques 94. The virus that infects a bacterium is ________
Ans: Bacteriophage

Ques 95. Binomial nomenclature refers to the ________
Ans: Scientific naming of an organism consisting of two words

Ques 96. To which group of plants does the banyan tree belong? 
Ans: Angiosperms

Ques 97. A berharium is ________ 
Ans: A centre for the preservation of dried specimen of plants

Ques 98. The gland that contains the body’s thermostat is ______ 
Ans: Hypothalamus

Ques 99. Ants are social insects because ________ 
Ans: They live in colonies

Ques 100. During elections, a permanent, chemical mark is put at the base of the nail of the Findex finger while exercising your franchise. This mark is not seen after two months or so because ________
Ans: The formation of new nail forcibly removes the old one

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