Practice Test: General Science- 5 Notes | Study Science & Technology for UPSC CSE - UPSC

UPSC: Practice Test: General Science- 5 Notes | Study Science & Technology for UPSC CSE - UPSC

The document Practice Test: General Science- 5 Notes | Study Science & Technology for UPSC CSE - UPSC is a part of the UPSC Course Science & Technology for UPSC CSE.
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Question 1. The mass of a body is different from its weight because________ 

Answer: mass is a measure of the quantity of matter whereas weight is a force

Question 2. Let WP and WE be the weights of a body at the north pole and at the equator respectively. If the earth were not rotating then WP ________ 

Answer: would remain unchanged

Question 3. A person weighs more in a lift, which is________ 

Answer: accelerating upward

Question 4. A ball tied with a string to a rotating shaft revolves at uniform speed. As the shaft is suddenly brought to rest the string starts getting round the shaft with the angular velocity of the ball________

Answer: increasing

Question 5. One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because________ 

Answer: the friction between the ice and the feet is less than that between the concrete and the feet

Question 6. It is easier to roll a barrel than to pull it because________ 

Answer: rolling friction is much less than sliding friction

Question 7. A sheet of paper can be pulled out quickly from under a glass of water without spilling the water. This phenomenon illustrates________ 

Answer: inertia

Question 8. A horse pulling a tanga moves forward due to the force exerted by________ 

Answer: the ground on the horse’s feet

Question 9. When the velocity of a body is doubled, its momentum is________ 

Answer: doubled

Question 10. The work done in holding a weight of 20 kg at a height of 1 m above the ground is________ 

Answer:  zero

Question 11. Ther Universal Law of Gravitation was propounded by________

Answer: Newton

Question 12. Winding a watch is actually the process of storing________ 

Answer: potential energy

Question 13. Conservation of energy means that________ 

Answer: energy can neither be created nor

Question 14. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is________

Answer: 24 hours

Question 15. If an apple is released from an orbiting spaceship, it will move________ 

Answer: along with the spaceship at the same speed

Question 16. A steel ball floats on mercury because________ 

Answer: the density of mercury is higher than that of steel

Question 17. The atmosphere exerts enormous pressure on us. But we do not feel it because________ 

Answer: our blood exerts a pressure slightly more than that of the atmosphere

Question 18. In a barometer, mercury is preferred over water because________ 

Answer:  mercury has high density and low vapour pressue

Question 19. A stone is thrown into a deep lake. As it sinks deeper and deeper into the water, the upthrust acting on it________ 

Answer: remains constant

Question 20. Raindrops are spherical due to________ 

Answer: surface tension

Question 21. On a clean glass plate a drop of water spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop of mercury remains almost spherical because________ 

Answer: cohesion of mercury is greater than its adhesion with glass

Question 22. The swing of a spinning cricket ball in the air can be explained on the basis of________ 

Answer: Bernoulli’s theorem

Question 23. In a sprayer the liquid rises in the tube due to________ 

Answer: lower pressure at the upper end

Question 24. A football bounces when it falls on the ground because________ 

Answer: of its property of elasticity

Question 25. The science dealing with the study of phenomena at very low temperatures is known as________ 

Answer: Cryogenics

Question 26. In cold countries alcohol is preferred to mercury as a thermometric liquid because________ 

Answer:  Alcohol has a very low freezing point

Question 27. When a certain mass of liquid is heated in a glass flask the liquid level________ 

Answer: Falls at fir st and then starts rising

Question 28. When a cube of ice floating on water in a beaker melts, the level of water in the beaker________ 

Answer: Remains the same

Question 29. If water in a lake were to behave like other liquids, then in extremely cold weather it would freeze________

Answer: from bottom to top

Question 30. The tem perature of the t op of a frozen lake is________15°C. What is the temperature of the water in the lake in contact with the ice layer? 

Answer:  0°C

Question 31. Fish can survive inside a frozen lake because________ 

Answer:  water near the bottom does not freeze

Question 32. When w ater is c ooled fr om 8°C t o 0°C its volume________ 

Answer:  decreases up to 4° C and then increases

Question 33. The best conductor of heat among liquids is________ 

Answer: mercury

Question 34. A thermostat is a device for________ 

Answer: regulating temperature

Question 35. Using the codes GH for good conductor of heat, BH for bad conductor of heat, GE for good conductor of electricity and BE for bad conductor of electricity, mica can be classified as: 

Answer: GH and BE

Question 36. A pyrex tumbler does not crack when hot water is poured into it because pyrex________ 

Answer: does not expand much on heating

Question 37. The freezer in a refrigerator is fitted near the top________ 

Answer: so that it can cool the whole interior by setting up convection currents

Question 38. By what process is heat transmitted from the filament of an evacuated electric bulb of the glass________? 

Answer:  radiation

Question 39. Hot coffee is poured simultaneously in four metallic tumblers painted outside with different types of paints. After some time, the coffee will be found coldest in the tumbler painted________ 

Answer: rough black

Question 40. Light coloured clothes are preferred in summer because________ 

Answer: light colours are poor absorbers of heat

Question 41. By which methods could a cup of hot coffee lose heat if placed on a metal table in a room________ 

Answer: conducti on, convec -tion, radiation and evaporation

Question 42. In a cup, tea cools from 99°C to 80°C in exactly one minute. It will cool from 70°C to 60°C in________ 

Answer: more than one minute

Question 43. A little ether on the palm gives a cooling sensation because ether________ 

Answer: evaporates

Question 44. Scalding with steam is more severe than scalding by boilding water because________ 

Answer: Steam contai ns more energy than boiling water 

Question 45. One feels cold after a dip in sea water due to________ 

Answer: the evaporation of water on the body

Question 46. The surface of water in a pond remains cool even on a hot day because________ 

Answer: water evaporates at the surface and evaporation cause cooling

Question 47. The boiling point of water depends on________ 

Answer: atmospheric pressure

Question 48. The cover of a solar cooker is made of glass because________ 

Answer: because glass allows sunlight into the container but does not allow heat radiation out of it

Question 49. Light waves are different from sound waves in that________ 

Answer: light waves are electromagnetic but sound waves are not

Question 50. Delhi radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 819 kHz. What is the wavelength of the radio-waves?

Answer: 3.66 x 102 m

The document Practice Test: General Science- 5 Notes | Study Science & Technology for UPSC CSE - UPSC is a part of the UPSC Course Science & Technology for UPSC CSE.
All you need of UPSC at this link: UPSC
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