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60 Days Timetable for "Biology" NEET Preparation | Biology Class 11 PDF Download

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a highly competitive medical entrance examination in India. It is the gateway for aspiring medical and dental students to secure admissions in prestigious colleges across the country. NEET evaluates your knowledge in three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Among these, Biology holds significant importance, as it carries the highest weightage in the exam.

Importance of Biology in NEET

Biology plays a pivotal role in NEET, accounting for a total of 360 marks out of 720, making it a substantial 50% of the total score. To excel in NEET, it's crucial to have a solid grasp of Biology. To help you systematically prepare for NEET Biology, let's break down the syllabus and create a 60-day study plan, covering all the chapters.

Understanding the Biology Syllabus

Before we dive into the daily schedule, let's take a quick look at the NEET Biology syllabus:

Class 11






Class 12






Now, let's break down your 60-day schedule to cover all these chapters.

Class 11

Day 1-2: Chapter 1 - The Living World (Class 11)

  • Study the concept of biodiversity.
  • Learn about classification systems.
  • Understand the hierarchy of classification.
  • Explore the importance of nomenclature.
  • Attempt Test: The Living World.

TipUse Mindmaps for Class 11 to visualize classification hierarchies. Mindmaps Class 11

Day 3-4: Chapter 2 - Biological Classification (Class 11)

  • Study the five kingdom classification system.
  • Explore the features of Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia.
  • Understand the concept of viruses.
  • Attempt: Test: Biological Classification.

TipMnemonics can help remember classification criteria.

Day 5-6: Chapter 3 - Plant Kingdom (Class 11)

  • Learn the characteristics of different plant groups.
  • Study the life cycle of algae, bryophytes, and pteridophytes.
  • Understand the features of gymnosperms and angiosperms.
  • Attempt Test: Plant Kingdom.

Tip: Refer to Important Diagrams for NEET to understand plant structures better. Important Diagrams for NEET

Day 7-8: Chapter 4 - Animal Kingdom (Class 11)

  • Study the classification of animals.
  • Learn about different phyla and their characteristics.
  • Understand the basis of classification.

TipPractice with NCERT Exemplar Class 11 questions for reinforcement. NCERT Exemplar Class 11

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit I:

Day 9-10: Chapter 5 - Morphology of Flowering Plants (Class 11)

  • Study the external morphology of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits.
  • Learn about modifications in plants.
  • Understand the anatomy of dicot and monocot stems.
  • Attempt Test: Morphology of Flowering Plants.

Tip: Use mind maps for quick revision. Mindmaps Class 11

Day 11-12: Chapter 6 - Anatomy of Flowering Plants (Class 11)

  • Study the internal structure of roots, stems, and leaves.
  • Learn about secondary growth in dicots.
  • Understand the transport of water and minerals.
  • Attempt Test: Anatomy of Flowering Plants.

TipCreate your own diagrams for better retention.

Day 13-14: Chapter 7 - 

Structural Organisation in Animals

 (Class 11)

  • Study the tissues in animals.
  • Learn about the anatomy of the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems.
  • Understand the excretory system.

TipRefer to DPP for NEET Biology for additional practice. DPP for NEET Biology

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit II:

Day 15-16: Chapter 8 - Cell: The Unit of Life (Class 11)

  • Study the structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • Understand the functions of cell organelles.
  • Explore cell division and cell cycle.
  • Attempt Test: Cell: The Unit of Life.

TipUse EduRev's resources to understand cell structure better. Course Link Class 11

Day 17-18: Chapter 9 - Biomolecules (Class 11)

  • Learn about biomolecules like carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.
  • Understand enzyme structure and function.
  • Study various metabolic pathways.
  • Attempt Test: Biomolecules.

Tip: Mnemonics can help remember the structures and functions of biomolecules. Mnemonics

Day 19-20: Chapter 10 - Cell Cycle and Cell Division (Class 11)

  • Study the phases of the cell cycle.
  • Understand mitosis and meiosis.
  • Learn about the significance of cell division.

Tip: Practice with NEET Mock Test Series to improve your time management. NEET Mock Test Series

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit III:

Day 21-22: Chapter 11 - Photosynthesis in Higher Plants (Class 11)

TipUtilize mind maps for visualizing the photosynthesis process.

Day 23-24: Chapter 12 - Respiration in Plants (Class 11)

  • Study the respiration process in plants.
  • Understand glycolysis, Krebs cycle, and electron transport chain.
  • Learn about anaerobic respiration.
  • Attempt Test: Respiration in Plants.

Tip: Use EduRev's resources to practice important diagrams related to respiration. Important Diagrams for NEET

Day 25-26: Chapter 13 - Plant Growth and Development (Class 11)

  • Learn about plant growth regulators.
  • Understand the process of growth and development.
  • Study different types of tropisms.

TipPractice with Chapterwise Previous Year Questions for Class 11 to assess your knowledge. Chapterwise Previous Year Questions Class 11

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit IV:

Day 27-28: Chapter 14 - Breathing and Exchange of Gases (Class 11)

Tip: Refer to How to Prepare Biology for NEET? for additional study tips. How to Prepare Biology for NEET?

Day 29-30: Chapter 15 - Body Fluids and Circulation (Class 11)

  • Study the circulatory system in humans.
  • Understand the composition and functions of blood.
  • Learn about various types of circulation.
  • Attempt Test: Body Fluids & Circulation.

TipUse EduRev's resources for additional practice and clarity. Course Link Class 11

Day 31-32: Chapter 16 - Excretory Products and their Elimination (Class 11)

  • Study the excretory system in humans.
  • Learn about the nephron structure and function.
  • Understand the process of urine formation.

Tip: Solve NCERT-based tests for Class 11 to assess your understanding. NCERT Based Tests Class 11

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit V:

Day 33-34: Chapter 17 - Locomotion and Movement (Class 11)

  • Study the skeletal system and muscles.
  • Learn about different types of joints.
  • Understand muscle contraction and locomotion.
  • Attempt Test: Locomotion & Movement.

TipUtilize EduRev's resources for practice tests. DPP for NEET Biology

Day 35-36: Chapter 18 - Neural Control and Coordination (Class 11)

  • Study the nervous system in humans.
  • Learn about the structure and functions of neurons.
  • Understand reflex actions and coordination.
  • Attempt Test: Neural Control & Coordination.

TipUse mnemonics to remember the parts of the nervous system.

Day 37-38: Chapter 19 - Chemical Coordination and Integration (Class 11)

  • Study the endocrine system.
  • Learn about different hormones and their functions.
  • Understand hormonal disorders.

Tip: Solve Chapterwise Previous Year Questions for Class 11 to test your knowledge. Chapterwise Previous Year Questions Class 11

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit V:

This completes your Class 11 syllabus for NEET Biology. Now, let's move on to Class 12 chapters.

Class 12

Day 39-40: Chapter 1 - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (Class 12)

TipRefer to Mindmaps for Class 12 for visual aids. Mindmaps Class 12

Day 41-42: Chapter 2 - Human Reproduction (Class 12)

  • Study the male and female reproductive systems.
  • Learn about the menstrual cycle.
  • Understand fertilization, implantation, and pregnancy.
  • Attempt Test: Human Reproduction.

TipUse mnemonics to remember the stages of embryonic development.

Day 43-44: Chapter 3 - Reproductive Health (Class 12)

  • Study the concept of reproductive health.
  • Learn about sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Understand contraception methods.

TipRefer to EduRev's resources for additional diagrams and visual aids. Course Link Class 12

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit VI:

Day 45-46: Chapter 4 - Principles of Inheritance and Variation (Class 12)

TipUse EduRev's resources for concept clarity. Course Link Class 12

Day 47-48: Chapter 5 - Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Class 12)

Tip: Utilize mnemonics to remember the genetic code.

Day 49-50: Chapter 6 - Evolution (Class 12)

  • Study the theories of evolution.
  • Learn about evidence supporting evolution.
  • Understand the mechanisms of evolution.

TipSolve NEET Mock Test Series to simulate exam conditions. NEET Mock Test Series

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit VII:

Day 51: Chapter 7 - Human Health and Disease (Class 12)

  • Study various diseases and their causative agents.
  • Learn about immunity and vaccination.
  • Understand the principles of epidemiology.
  • Attempt Test: Human Health & Disease.

TipRefer to How to Prepare for NEET for effective study strategies. How to Prepare for NEET

Day 52: Chapter 8 - Microbes in Human Welfare (Class 12)

  • Study the role of microorganisms in food production and medicine.
  • Learn about microbial diseases.
  • Understand the biotechnological applications of microbes.
  • Attempt Test: Microbes in Human Welfare.

TipUse mnemonics to remember the names of microorganisms.

Day 53-54: Chapter 9 - Biotechnology: Principles and Processes (Class 12)

  • Study the techniques of recombinant DNA technology.
  • Learn about DNA fingerprinting and gene therapy.
  • Understand the ethical issues in biotechnology.

TipSolve NCERT-based tests for Class 12 to evaluate your understanding. NCERT Based Tests Class 12

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit VIII:

Day 55- 56: Chapter 10 - Biotechnology and its Applications (Class 12)

  • Study the applications of biotechnology in agriculture and medicine.
  • Learn about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Understand the principles of bioprocessing.
  • Attempt Test: Biotechnology & Its Applications

TipUtilize EduRev's resources for additional practice tests. Course Link Class 12

Day 57- 58: Chapter 11 - Organisms and Populations (Class 12)

TipUse mind maps for visualizing ecological relationships.

Day 59: Chapter 12 - Ecosystem (Class 12)

  • Study the structure and function of ecosystems.
  • Learn about nutrient cycling.
  • Understand ecological succession and conservation.
  • Attempt Test: Ecosystem.

TipSolve Chapterwise Previous Year Questions for Class 12 to assess your preparation. Chapterwise Previous Year Questions Class 12

Day 60: Chapter 13 - Biodiversity and Conservation (Class 12)

  • Study the importance of biodiversity.
  • Learn about the threats to biodiversity.
  • Understand conservation strategies and laws.

Tip: Refer to EduRev's resources for comprehensive coverage of conservation topics.

Things to Keep in Mind after Unit X:

Given below are the important links and topic links for your NEET Biology Preparation Preparation:

NEET Resources:

Class 11 Biology:

Class 12 Biology:


Class 11

Chapters Resources:

Class 12

Chapter Resources:

Congratulations! You've now covered the entire Biology syllabus for NEET 2024 in a well-structured 60-day study plan. Remember to revise, attempt tests, and focus on your strengths and weaknesses to excel in the exam. 

Best of luck!

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FAQs on 60 Days Timetable for "Biology" NEET Preparation - Biology Class 11

1. What is the NEET exam and what does it stand for?
Ans. The NEET exam stands for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. It is a national level medical entrance exam conducted in India for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate medical courses like MBBS, BDS, etc. in government and private colleges.
2. How long is the preparation period recommended for NEET Biology?
Ans. The article suggests a 60-day timetable for NEET Biology preparation. This duration allows students to cover the entire syllabus of Biology thoroughly and revise the topics multiple times, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
3. What are the key topics to focus on during the 60-day NEET Biology preparation?
Ans. Some of the key topics to focus on during the 60-day NEET Biology preparation include Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Reproduction, and Biotechnology. These topics carry significant weightage in the NEET Biology exam.
4. How should one allocate time for different topics during the 60-day NEET Biology preparation?
Ans. It is recommended to allocate more time to topics with higher weightage and difficulty level. For example, topics like Genetics, Human Physiology, and Plant Physiology may require more time compared to topics like Ecology. However, it is essential to ensure coverage of all topics within the allocated time frame.
5. Are there any recommended study materials or resources for NEET Biology preparation?
Ans. Yes, there are several recommended study materials and resources for NEET Biology preparation. Some popular ones include NCERT Biology textbooks, NEET Biology guidebooks, previous years' question papers, online video lectures, and mock tests. These resources provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject and help in practicing for the exam.
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