How to change my name in edurev?

Class 7 Question

By Hema Amrutha · Jul 07, 2019 ·Class 7
8 Answers
Ishman Kaur answered Jun 07, 2020
Edit it profile and then change ur name

Chetan Rian answered Aug 15, 2020
If u use the app in crome then u change and another method is Nothing .

Hema Amrutha answered Jul 07, 2019

Laxmi Naik Laxmi Naik answered 4 weeks ago
206 bones human being have

Rwishina Prathap answered Aug 09, 2020
You can contact with edurev they will tell u.

Lavanya Shandilya answered Aug 03, 2020
This is not a place to ask this stupid question

Yashita Singh answered Aug 09, 2020
Yes, edit profile and change your name

Sapna Chaudhary answered 2 weeks ago
Change ur name on youtube then it will itself change in edu rev

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