During unfavourable conditions, the Amoeba reproduces by:

  • a)
    Multiple fission

  • b)
    Binary fission

  • c)

  • d)

Correct answer is option 'A'. Can you explain this answer?

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Prem Darade
Nov 28, 2019
During unfavorable conditions amoeba reproduce by sporulation

Awantika Gupta
Nov 28, 2019

Suresh Kumar
Mar 31, 2020
Acc to options sporulation is correct answer over here.As far as unfavourable condition is said then obviously encystation occurs and is the accurate answer to this question.

Anjali Pal
Feb 02, 2020
Unfavorable condition me amoeba apne around ek hard covering bna leta b jiso hm encystation kehte h or favourable condition aane pe wo continuous divide krta h or bhut saare minute amoeba bna leta h jinko hm pseudospores bolte h or is phenomenon ko hm sporulation bolte h

Sougata Mukherjee
May 09, 2021
Actually amoeba forms a cyst around itself in unfavourable condition. At that time amoeba divides by multiple fission . Later when the favourable condition returns the walls bursts out then the spores which are formed after multiple fission spreads out in the atmosphere. So technically it reproduces ( or divides as in unicellular organisms like amoeba this are similar ) by MULTIPLE FISSION. I can clearly confirm it is multiple fission you can check any websites. I don't know why so much answer is speaking it as sporulation it is the process by which they spread in atmosphere. Reproduction is by multiple fission.

Nasreen Ansari
Jun 04, 2020
A method known as multiple fission in adopted by the unicellular organisms amoeba to survive and reproduce under unfavorable conditions, when the condition are unfavorable amoeba withdraws it's psuedopodies and becomes almost round.

Nitin Yadav
Nov 28, 2019
A method known as multiple fission is adopted by the unicellular organism Amoeba to survive and reproduce under unfavourable conditions. When the conditions are unfavourable, Amoeba withdraws its pseudopodia and becomes almost round.

Aditya Bhushan
Dec 23, 2019
In unfavourable conditions certain organism produce spore.This is a method of asexual reproduction which we already study in previous classes.

Zeeshan Mushtaq
Feb 06, 2020
I verified your answer by many experts. None of the above is correct answer.In ream sense the amoeba (under unfavorable conditions) reproduce by Multiple fission. Under Multiple fission is does undergoes ENCYTATION. In Encytation amoeba withdraws its pseodopodia and forms a three layerd wall known as cyst wall.

Mayank Pizar
Jun 04, 2020
During unfavorable conditions amoeba divides by sporulation but as it forms man daughter cells so it must considered as multiple fission.

Dristy Joshi
Aug 21, 2020
A . multiple fission
during unfavourable condition , cell membrane disapper and cytoplasm spread around nucleus and form cyst. then a multiple daughter cell release by multiple fission .

Gulzar Ahmad
Apr 28, 2020
During unfavourable conditions,amoeba actually reproduces by multiple fission not by sporulation....so option A is correct

Krishna Kant
May 29, 2021
Acc to question sporulation is correct

Anchal Maurya
Nov 26, 2019
Ya during unfavorable condition amoeba reproduced by sporulation.

Shahid Nazir
Jan 27, 2022
During unfavourable conditions like abundance of food ,the amoeba undergoes multiple fission where equational division forms amoebulae under encystment stage .The thick wall is later on bursted thereby giving rise to daughter amoeba.

Sonal Mestry
Feb 18, 2020
Bcoz they don't get sufficient food to survive and unfavorable conditions like surrounding climate. Hence the reproduction occurs in multiple fission

Pola Sharma
Apr 27, 2020
During unfavrable condition amoeba reproduce by sporulation..

During unfavorable conditions amoeba reproduce by sporulation
During unfavorable conditions amoeba reproduce by sporulation