Some way to get instant discount on edurev infinity? Someone plzzzz help me!?

UPSC Question

Kamal Narwal
Dec 21, 2019
Yes, if you are planning to purchase the EduRev Infinity plan today, you can use referral Code KAM9 discount of EduRev Infinity.

Arnav Kumar
Feb 26, 2020
Use my code ARN855 to get extra discount on edurev infinity.

Use code SHU16557 and STAYHOME250 ,YOU WILL GET DISCOUNT UPTO 300-400 RS.

Aparna Goldi
Jul 27, 2020
Give correct answers and attempt tests.On every correct answer and attempt edurev money is transferred in your edurev account which you can use for buying edurev infinity package.Edurev also provides with coupons on homepage and coupons are also available while buying the package.

Life Loss
Mar 14, 2020
Use this invite code

Goldy Gautam
Jul 10, 2020
Yeah, if u are planning to purchase edurev infinity membership then u can use use referral code Gol1701 for discount for membership

Masoom Akram
Sep 19, 2020
Use the code EDUYTC300 to get 300 rs instant discount
or STAYHOME250 to get 250 rs.
good luck

Anshu Chaudhary
Aug 02, 2020
To get instant discount on edurev infinity so use code KAM9

Santosh Mishra
Apr 11, 2020
Yes of course education infinity help us to provide a discount for needs

Raist 99
Jun 24, 2020
Type code RAI746 and msz me i have a coupon of flat 300 off. but is of no use to me as I have already purchased infinity membership. contact if you want it for free and please contact as soon as possible it's going to expire on saturday.

Nilesh Sonawane
Feb 21, 2020
Read out some free material provided by Edurev
Increase your level by watching some videos.
Give some test.
This will take 1/2 hour you’ll get ₹200-250 balance in your wallet to purchase.
Use my code additional NIL2526 for extra.
Else wait for weekend for more discount.

Hope this will help
Keep studying keep rocking.

Anubhav Tiwari
Apr 29, 2020
Use code today stayhome250 for 250 discout

Jaya Gayathri
May 02, 2020

Ncc Notes
May 13, 2020
Refer this app through your share link to 15 friends.
(Sharing link through your device is compulsory)
On a 2 year plan, which costs ₹ 1,500 EduRev gives
you a maximum of ₹ 650 in discount. Then, apply any invite code (You can use NCC15). So you will get the 2 year plan at a rate of ₹ 700-800.

This is the best bargain that you can achieve.
I have tried it too. It works!

Pankaj Mandal
Jul 09, 2021
Apply MTFVPF300 to get discount of 300 .

Shivam Mehra
Dec 21, 2019
Use my referral code SHI70 to get a discount on EduRev Infinity.

Rupal Seth
May 09, 2020
By joining test given by edurev
n by scoring goods marks n ranks you can get discount.
Definitely it's a good spot to encourage n test yourself.

Tssvn Reddy
Jun 30, 2020
How can we help ?
You can proceed with sharing link to your people those who are interested in joining Edurev !!!

Use this c0de TAT273

Vicky Singh
Jul 06, 2021
Before time apply code then payment

Safe from home you will get ₹250 discount and ₹100 discout from edu rev

Jitesh API
Jan 04, 2021

Pritika Jain Jain
Dec 05, 2020
To get discount on edurev infinity you can use the code SYYNRO300 . You will get discount of Rs. 300 .

Virendra Panwar
Jul 14, 2020
I bought Rs. 1500 infinity for 2 Years for just Rs. 750. all you have to do is just refer the app to 15 persons and you can get the course half the price.

Drama Mixtape
May 26, 2020
Use this referral code DRA871 to get discount..

Sisira Panigrahi
May 01, 2020
Write to the email address of Edurev.They will help you

Vasu Chinna
Jul 06, 2020
Hi all i am new just now come y this code pls tell me friends

Akshay Wagh
Jun 25, 2020
200 ₹ off code is available.

Kanishka Joshi
Sep 08, 2020
Well I really don't know how I get discount form it

Tanya Singh
Jul 06, 2021
Use code EDUSBS200 to get 200 ₹ off on your purchase.

Indhu P
Aug 09, 2020
Answers tests on a regular basis through which Edurev money gets added. Also you can refer the app to frnds and if they install and signup, for each person you will get 50 Rs

Abhik Arya
Aug 08, 2020
Only limited discount either edurev money or some code.

Adiba Khan
Jun 05, 2020
Yes! you can use my referral code SEE3645 and you also can use STAYHOME250 get 250 off.

Write the simplest form of rationalising factor for the given surds

Launch offer seems to be good. use it today. I just joined

Sowmya Reddy
Oct 06, 2020
Use my code (KRPTMF300) and get rupess 300 off.

Pr4n4v Pr4k4sh
Feb 23, 2021
Stop being a wussy and just pay the amount

Krishna Bhuriya
Jun 27, 2020
Yes, if you are planning to have Edurev infinity plan then there is a discount code available. Try KRI90 referral code to get upto 50% discount on your subscription to this plan. This code is valid till 29th June 2020. So hurry up and get the plan now.

Surobhi Roy
Jul 19, 2020
You should apply the money given by edurev and can also use the discount coupon.

Hrusita Nayak
Nov 01, 2020
Use my code (HRU524) to get some discount

Debdyuti Maity
Jun 13, 2020
By sharing this app to your frnd you can get some money and you can apply it

Adi Kamble
Sep 18, 2020
Yes if you have planned purchase (buy) to get instant discount access

Nishant Verma
Jan 24, 2020
Use my referrause my referral code: NIS7500 you will get instant discount :)

Debashis Debbarma
Sep 09, 2020
I don't understand

Simar Sòdhi
Aug 23, 2020
E mail them or call them and share your problem
they would definitely help you

Eshanya Uniyal
Aug 03, 2021
What is the need of getting discount

Subhajit Ghosh
May 29, 2020
You can use STAYHOME250 and referral SUB9817....
you get maximum discount

Versha Lamba
Jul 21, 2020
Yes, you can get discount with using referal code... I also get it... it is so usefull .,

Neelima Chhakkar
May 08, 2020
You can use the code STAYHOME250 this would deduct some money ...
hope this helps!

Shalini Dhiman
Jul 06, 2020
U can use Refferal code Or invite code to get instant discount on edurev infinity.. i think u should choose one of the ways to get discount... gud luck dear..

Go to infinity and come will ask the reason..if u answer can't will give a coupon... enjoy

Mahendra Singh
Aug 07, 2020
Hindi medium me nhi h kya courses...muje Hindi medium se join hona h to kya kru

KSH1765 use this code for discount on edurev infinity

Snehal Shahare
Sep 16, 2020
How much discount for 15 days

Rajni Srivastav
May 02, 2020
Use code today stayhome 250 for 250 discount

Kakhui Rikhar
May 10, 2021
Summing up all the ways of getting a discount posted here by various learners in Edurev:
1) first and foremost, if you had downloaded the app from google app store then you could enter invitation code in the option given in the app from friends or various referral code posted here. (Or you can use KAK612)
2) Share your referral code to minimum 12 friends.
3) Watch Free Videos (10 mins daily streak also helps)
4) Attempt Free Tests. (giving correct answers lead to levelling up)
5) Read PDF notes(Daily limit of 5-10 pdf is there)
6) After doing all the above list for Day 1, check the Edurev infinity Upgrade option, you can see the current purchase price there. click "enter promo code " you will see the already existing promo code given by Edurev.
7) After attaining 600-700₹ Edurev money, you can easily get the lowest price available in edurev.
8) You can also click "Back" button from infinity upgrade page and they will ask you why you cannot purchase the infinity premium package now. you can choose financial difficulty option and they will send you promo code for 300₹+ discount. (I'd say currently ₹550 for a year till Dec 2021 and ₹650 for 2 year till Dec 2022 and ₹699 for 2 year till May 1, 2023 is the Best Deal given by Edurev)
That's pretty much about it!
Hope it helps. thanks for reading!

Rakeshgoud Beesu
Jul 17, 2020
Use my code RAK11152to get an instant discount in edurev infinity

Bsrinivas Naik
Aug 06, 2020
Use code BSR71 for huge discount

Yes dear you can get discount by simply using referral code
SAM15329 while making payment.
Have a great journey ahead

Kuldeep Kuldeep
Oct 25, 2020

Ashish Ash
Oct 31, 2020
The final price for 2 year infinity is 749 and if you want to get this offer and want to join infinity for 2 year in just 749 you can contact me i promise i ll provide you 2 year infinity at just 749.

Shishukant Nirala
Aug 16, 2020
To get discount on Edurev Infinity you can use the code SYYNRO300. You will get discount of Rs.300.

Naaz Shaik
Apr 01, 2021
View more documents and attempt test,they will give discount points automatically..i got 250 discount..

Dinotv Shorts
Jun 24, 2021
Kya iska hack version nhi hai koi mere pass paise ki bahut tangi hai main khareed nhi paunga iskA subscription.
mere mummy papa bhi nhi hai

Naveena Noonavath
Jun 15, 2020
NAV11114 use this code for instant discount on yearly pass on EduRev infinity

Krishna Murari
Jun 04, 2020
Yes if you planning to purchase the edurev infinity course then you can use the code KRI15718

Mikhaeljohn Anil
Jun 16, 2020
Use MIK314 and get 90% off...

Aashish Singh
Aug 17, 2020
Hey Everyone !
To get extra discount on EduRev use code AAS4127


Jyoti Singh
Jul 10, 2020
JYO9378 use this code so that you can get approx 50 Rupees instant discount. You can also ask to your friend for the code by which you'll get a maximum amount (of EDUREV) of discount.