You can buy (a) / the scissors (b) / that is (c) / sharp. (d) / No error. (e)

  • a)
    You can buy

  • b)
    the scissors

  • c)
    that is

  • d)

  • e)
    No error.

Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?
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CLAT Question

By Aditya Singh · Aug 02, 2018 ·CLAT
128 Answers
Mohammad Oli Ullah answered Aug 03, 2018
'scissors'.... always plural... so "scissors that are" will be correct answer.

Gonda City answered Feb 13, 2020
"Scissors" is in itself plural, hence will be succeeded be plural verb i.e. (are).

Jhalak Bhargav answered Apr 28, 2020
Scissors is plural...therefor instead of' that is ' ;THAT ARE' should be used

Mohit Bathre answered Jul 11, 2020
'scissors'.... always plural... so "scissors that are" will be the correct answer.

Anupama Pal answered Jun 10, 2020
Scissors is always "plural" because it is made of double blades.
so with scissors we always use are...

Chinchu Abi answered Feb 08, 2020
Scissors is plurals so 'that is' can be replaced by either' that are' or' which are'.

Raja Ra answered Jul 30, 2020
Scissors is the correct answer

Kumaran Raja answered Jun 11, 2020

Likhitha Alla answered May 20, 2020
We call it a pair of the error is that is ..instead we use those are or which are.

Richa Mishra answered Jan 23, 2020
The scissors is incorrect..

Nithin Bihary answered Apr 13, 2020
Option C is correct answer bit according to the sentence 'that is' is wrong instead we have to write 'which is'

Damanpreet Singh answered Jul 14, 2020
The correct answer is C, since scissors itself is plural, two set of blades (pair of scissors). Therefore, 'that is' will be replaced by 'that are'.

Moin Momin answered Sep 25, 2020
Answer scissor because it is purely.

Deepti Udayakumar answered Aug 02, 2020
Scissors are plural so, "THAT IS " is the answer

Dreamer Aarya answered Sep 06, 2020
Scissors are always counted as in a pair so it always succeeds with 'are' as in a count of a pair so THAT IS is absolutely wrong and thus, the correct answer

Prity Das answered May 23, 2020
B) the scissors

Egyptian Woman answered Oct 03, 2020
Scissors'. always plural... so "scissors that are" will be the correct answer.

Kirtisingh Chauhan answered Aug 18, 2020
Because scissors is used as plural noun. that's why we should use 'are' instead of 'is'.

Santosh Kumar Meena answered Sep 12, 2020
"scissors" is always a plural form of it should be used plural form of helping correct answer should be....C.

Shanu Shroff answered May 29, 2020
The correct answer is c

Noopur Khare answered Jun 21, 2020
Instead of that we can use which is.
you can buy the scissors which is sharp.

Mohit Kalia Sankhyan answered Apr 27, 2020
Sharp is a adjective therefore is used for kind of product. if sentence is ' you should buy those blades that are sharp ' , not that is sharp. hope you get it

Vasundhara Saxena answered Apr 06, 2020
In opt b 'the scissors' , scissors is plural hence 'that is' should be replaced with 'that are'...

Srijika Shrivastava answered May 09, 2020
C because scissors are plural

Ankita Sonawale answered Apr 18, 2020
The sissiors... because we can't use article'the' before the plural noun

Aradhna Tiwari answered Apr 22, 2020
Bcz scissors are plural number and you can not use "is" for a plural number word.

Rianshi Rani answered May 15, 2020
Option c because scissors are a plural word so take pulural verb (is replaced by are)

Aayush Dubey answered Jun 25, 2020
Scissors being plural hence agreement according to scissors which wil be "that are"

Awesome Shivani answered May 08, 2020
Words like 'scissors' take up a plural verb and henceforth ' that are' will be used. : )

Prashanth Reddy answered May 18, 2020
'Scissors' is plural so,instead of 'that is','that are' should be used

Sanjay Gupta answered Jun 14, 2020
(c) is correct 'that are '.

Ankita Ranjan answered Jun 11, 2020
Option c is correct because scissors is itself plural so the answer should be are not is

Shruti Choudhary answered Jun 25, 2020
Scissors are plural and with plural are is used instead of is which is used with singular

Ujjwala Mane answered Oct 23, 2020
Because scissors the right answer...

Brajesh Jha answered Jul 22, 2020
Scissors are always plurals

Karthika Viji answered May 31, 2020
Option c is correct because some nouns like scissors, trousers, spectacles etc are used with plural verbs even though we mean only one. But if we use with 'a pair of' then the verb becomes singular.

Jass Sandhu answered Aug 19, 2020
Plural form 'that are' will be useb

Smita Singh answered Jul 30, 2020
The scissors is incorrect. As per the English grammar, the term scissors is plural ,so ,in place of (is)* , are is to be used. The scissors is incorrect.

Garima Sachan answered Apr 27, 2020
As 'scissors' was always considered as plural so there in place of 'that is' there would be 'that are'

Vijayalekshmi S answered Jul 21, 2020
Because it means a pair of scissors so it was plural so we will correct the sentence by using "those are sharp"

Priyanka Singh answered May 22, 2020
It have to "that are"

Devanshu Sharma answered Aug 13, 2020
Not only scissors but every thing that has two parts is plural like tongs, trousers etc.

Jitender Singh answered Aug 03, 2018
Because the scissor is so sharp when we touch it it is harmful for us

Poonam_harinder Dhankhar answered Aug 05, 2020
As scissors are always used as a plural noun the phrase "that is " is incorrect
instead you should prefer to use "that are" .

Kajal Singh answered Jul 30, 2020
Because scissors are plural and other two options is also wrong so that option (c) is correct

Selvaanand Mariappan answered Jun 26, 2020
It's given as scissors so we know we can use 'Is' only for singular representation but the word 'scissors' is plural so we should say it as 'that are'.

Pasli Rasmut answered Aug 07, 2020
Scissors" is plural because scissors are always sharp unless and until they
become rusty

Vanshika Chopra answered Aug 03, 2020
Scissors = plural form
so with plural there are not there is

Deepanshu Suthar answered Sep 10, 2020
"that are" will come in place of "that is" because scissors is a plural so the verb will also be plural. But if a pair of scissors comes then it is a singular so verb will also be singular.

Akash Yadav answered Aug 23, 2020
Scissors is plural

Ankit Sonkar answered Oct 18, 2020
Which is more suitable in place of that so that the correct answer is C

Nitesh Shukla answered Mar 06, 2020
Correct answer is option 'C'

Yuddhnishth Shandilya answered Apr 07, 2020
Scissors is collectice here if in the question only sissor was mentioned then it would be is in th 3rd option ..
but scissors are mentioned so its is are not is
correct sentence- You can buy the scissors that ARE sharp

Sukhendar Rohilan answered Feb 13, 2020
C is the right answer

Asutosh Giri answered Apr 09, 2020
It should be "that are" on the place of "that is" because scissors is always plural

Arunima Ghosh answered May 06, 2020
B) the scissors

Ms Catchiku Nayak answered May 11, 2020
The scissors is a plural ,

so (that is ) is a right ans.

Sakshi Jha answered May 14, 2020
Because sessiors are plural so we should use ..that are.. instead of ..that is..

Aayushi Kharb answered May 26, 2020
Scissors is always used as plural that's why are will come.

Naughty Boys answered May 30, 2020
The scissors

Aditi Rai answered Sep 19, 2020
With word 'scissors' are is used. As the word scissors itself mean pair of two scissor which is already in plural form. And always word scissors is considered as plural word. Hence, "are" should be used in place of 'is'.

Mahrukh Shaikh answered Sep 08, 2020
That are sharp bcoz scissors (are a pair of scissors)

Nisha Choudhary answered Oct 04, 2020
Scissors is always plural, so that are is correct answer

M K Pallavi answered Jul 23, 2020
Scissors are always considered in pairs and we use it has That is a pair of scissor. hence that is -is correct

Surbhi Singh answered Jul 29, 2020
Scissors are plural so we use are for scissors

Retuja Singh answered Aug 20, 2020
Since scissors itself is plural ,two sets of blades(pair of scissors). Therefore 'that is' will be replaced by 'that are'.

Arpita Gahlot answered Aug 20, 2020
Yes because scissors are in plural that is ahold not be should be that are..

Swati Yadav answered Apr 09, 2020
Scissors is "plural".. that's why we would use "that are" not "that is"

Bhavya Singh answered May 08, 2020
That is (c)

Anant Gupta answered Jun 03, 2020
Scissors is always Plural
c.) that is INCORRECT

Bhargavi Nukathoti answered Jun 29, 2020
That are must be there because scissors is plural.

D B answered Jun 27, 2020
C is the answer because "scissors" word is plural, thus, we will use "that are" instead of "that is" so that the subject and verb comply.

Anchal Kumari answered Jul 09, 2020
Here "scissors" is plural noun so the verb should also be plural i.e ' are' in place of is

Bhavana Jha answered Jul 16, 2020
The scissors is a plural noun I. e. we have to use (are)

Omisha Priya answered Jul 25, 2020
Here,' are' should be used instead of 'is' because scissors are itself plural. Therefore , with plural a plural verb should be used.

Rehan Khan answered Sep 12, 2020
Correct ans. is C

Nagaveni Nagu answered Aug 25, 2020
The scissors is right answer

Abi Vardhini answered Jul 17, 2020
Because scissors itself is in the form of plural in some cases in vocabs some words are in singular as well as in plural form so scissors is plural form so( that is) is the correct answer.

Noorain Fatma answered Sep 22, 2020
"the scissors"is plural hence" that is" should be "those are" .

Pari Patil answered Sep 09, 2020
The word 'scissors' is in plural form... so as per plural singular rules we use 'are' before that... Instead of using 'that is'.. 'that are' is a correct answer..

Pujal Musahib answered May 31, 2020
since 'the scissors' has been used in this sentence and the term scissors itself is  a prural word hence 'that is' stands to grammatical wrong. therefore, option c is the corr3ect answer.

Arin Singh answered Jun 05, 2020
It will be which are rather than that are.

Himaja Palepu answered May 29, 2020
( that is ) wrong instead of that ( that are ) is replaced

Saravanan S answered May 12, 2020
Because scissors are plural number so we not use is so the ans is which are

Ipshita Srivastava answered May 09, 2020
I think it would be "are" instead of "is"

Tanvi Singh answered Jun 03, 2020
C is correct. because Scissors are plural