Who was 2nd Lady Prime Minister Of India?

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By Jahid Anwar · Nov 16, 2018 ·UPSC
8 Answers
Kumar Kartikey answered Jul 12, 2020
Indra Gandhi 2 nd lady prime minister of India

Kamal Narwal answered Nov 16, 2018
Indira Gandhi
Serving until his death in May 1964, Nehru remains India's longest-serving prime minister. He was succeeded by fellow Congressman Lal Bahadur Shastri, whose 19-month term also ended in death. Indira Gandhi, Nehru's daughter, succeeded Shastri in 1966 to become the country's first woman premier.

Nishat Fatima answered 3 weeks ago
Indra Gandhi is 1st lady pm of India and after her no lady become a pm of India

Archna Rai answered Jul 13, 2020
Shrimati Indira Gandhi ji (jan 24,1966 - march 24 ,1977) and second time ( jan 14,1980 - oct 31,1984) .

Sumbul Parveen answered Jul 12, 2020
If your question about series Indira Gandhi was the second female prime minister
but if your question according to indivisual body
no other woman after Mrs Gandhi has found this oppertunity

Tssv Naveenreddy answered Feb 21, 2020
Indira Gandhi Ji

Hemavathi Hema Ag answered Aug 04, 2019
Only one female prim minster in india till date..

Zainab Fatima answered Apr 27, 2020
Indira Gandhi

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