Name other name of brine in science ?

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Uzma Tamboli answered Feb 15, 2020
Sodium chloride or NaCl

Nirmal Kumar answered Feb 14, 2020
Nacl (sodium chloride)

Ashmi Hans answered Feb 14, 2020
"NaCl" (sodium chloride)

Ananya Sharma answered Feb 14, 2020
Sodium chloride(NaCL)

Jithesh Joseph answered 2 weeks ago
Other name of brine in science is NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and H2O (water)

King Kong answered Feb 14, 2020
An aqueous solution of sodium chloride (NACL)is known as brine.

it decomposes to form sodium hydroxide.

Mahima Vats answered 2 weeks ago
Diluted NaCl..

Alishka Sharma answered 4 days ago
Nacl Sodium Chloride is your answer plz upvote my answer

Mikasi Ambade answered 4 days ago
Another name of Brine is Sodium Chloride or NaCl.

Soni Supriya answered 3 days ago
Brine is the concentrated aqueous solution of sodium chloride(NaCl)

Roshan K answered Feb 24, 2020
The aqueous solution of Sodium Chloride i.e., NaCl is said to be brine. If we talk about its application then- crystallization of brine solution produces crude sodium having a great significance.

Aditya Mehra answered 2 weeks ago
Its a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) and water (H2O).

#salt-water, saline-solution, sea-water, pickling solution,.

Raiyan Zaib answered Feb 24, 2020
Brine is a high-concentration solution of salt in water. In different contexts, brine may refer to salt solutions ranging from about 3.5% up to about 26%. Lower levels of concentration are called by different names: fresh water, brackish water, and saline water.

Rishabh Raj answered 3 days ago
Brine is the solution of concentrated Sodium chloride (NaCl).

Student Ten answered 2 weeks ago
Another word for brine. A solution composed of sodium chloride (NaCl) and water.

Official. Nik answered 4 days ago

1stly... tumko brine solution ke bare mein bta deta hu

Brine is a solution of salt in water (High Concentration..) this definition it is easy for u to get some example...

Another word for brine is = Salt Solution , Saline Solution etc..

Abhishek Kumar answered 4 days ago
¶ 🇳a🇨l (aq)

Suravaram Uday answered Feb 14, 2020
Concentrated Sodium Chloride. NaCl

Priyanka Kumari answered 4 days ago
Solutions composed (NaCl)and water

Sakshi answered Feb 16, 2020
Sodium chloride

Sarvesh Deshpande answered 2 weeks ago
NaCl or Sodium Chloride

Mr. Sameer answered 3 days ago
Brine, like: sodium chloride , salt-water, saline-solution, sea-water, pickling solution, saturated solution of salt, and ocean.

Aryan answered Feb 14, 2020
Concentrated NaCl

Anup Shukla answered Feb 15, 2020
A solution which has higher concentration of salt i.e. NaCl in water

Aman Tripathi. answered 2 weeks ago
Common salt ( NACL )

Åbhï Ssharma answered 3 days ago
Sodium chloride (NaCl)

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