Which sample paper is better for class 10 cbse board exam?

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By Fun Guru · Dec 13, 2019 ·Class 10
30 Answers
Åśãđ Ķhäń answered Dec 13, 2019
I will suggest u to solve all previous year paper and do everyquestion of ncert and for 2 marks question where lab work question asked, u should solve xam idea, and clear your concept and don't try to solve so many book if remaining time for exam is less,

Yati Singh answered Apr 10, 2020
I suggest previous year papers, educart and arihant because these two publishers change their paper pattern in the same manner as new pattern of sample paper.

Mahek Biswas answered Mar 17, 2020
You can go for CBSE past year papers

Priyanshu Kumar answered Mar 20, 2020
Together with

Student Ten answered Mar 15, 2020
I think Oswaal sample papers and arihant are the best sample papers for preparing board exams . And I have tried Oswaal . Hope this will help you ....

Ariba Khatoon answered Mar 10, 2020
Oswaal are best for class 10 board exam

Apoorva Ganga Ms answered Mar 18, 2020
Go for practice papers and past question papers and revised solved papers

Silent Nisarg answered Mar 11, 2020
I think RD sharma

Lubna Khan answered Dec 13, 2019
I think evergreen is best..

Abhi Prajapati answered Dec 13, 2019
Oswal educart evergreen Arihanth etc

Bhawna Mehta answered Dec 14, 2019
I agree with Ashmi Hans....
Use RD Sharma + previous years sample paper.

EDIT:- Honestly speaking, RD Sharma and NCERT are enough for class 10 boards. My maths board experience has compelled me to edit this answer. All the sample papers that I solved were of no use except to build my confidence which somehow dissapeared as soon as I entered the examination hall. Here, "The more, The merrier" simply failed to show its existence.

Amaira Singh answered Mar 11, 2020
Oswal and Arihant

Ashmi Hans answered Dec 13, 2019
R.D. Sharma

Divyanshi Jindal answered Mar 11, 2020
I think R.D. Sharma

Aman Rathore answered Dec 14, 2019
I agreed that arihants and pradeep sample papaers is totally deals with type of que come in exam

Virendra Jha answered Apr 28, 2020
I don't know

Bhavana Reddy answered Mar 11, 2020
S.Chand for Science ,Reliable for Social, RD Sharma for Maths.

Aditya Mehra answered Mar 20, 2020
Cbse past year papers..and #educart sample paper

Tanishka Gupta answered Apr 10, 2020
I think u have to solve previous year papers and sample pare of oswaal and arihant may be suitable for u.

Such 9415 answered Dec 13, 2019
I think sahitya bhavan

Jaanu Superstar answered Dec 13, 2019
Oswaal, Xam idea, together with 15+ is better for class 10 cbse board exam

Ammu Baby answered Mar 22, 2020
I suggest to study ur textbook
it is best way and precious paper to write exams

Shivani Patil answered Apr 10, 2020
According to me best is that create ur own question as much as u can no limit with in a paragraph try to ask or make urself question ntg is strong then mind so use it and also use previous years According to that u can prepare ..All the best

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