Who discovered the electrons?

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Shining Star answered 3 weeks ago
J.J Thomson discovered the electron.

There are three subatomic particles namely, electrons, protons and neutrons. To learn the name of the scientists who have discovered all these sub atomic particles there is a trick.

Et Par Naach
ईंट पर नाच।

E= Electron , t = Thomson ,
P = Proton , r = Rutherford ( Full name :- Ernest Rutherford),
N= Neutron , ch =Chadwick.

Smriti Tripathi answered 3 weeks ago
Irish physicist George Johnstone Stoney named this charge 'electron' in 1891, and J. J. Thomson and his team of British physicists identified it as a particle in 1897. Electrons can also participate in nuclear reactions, such as nucleosynthesis in stars, where they are known as beta particles.

Alisa Ferrari answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson is your answer.

Eren Jaeger answered 3 weeks ago
J J Thomas discovered electrons. Experiments with beams of negative particles were performed in britain led to his conclusion in 1897 that they consisted of lightweight particles with a negative electric charge, nowadays known as electrons. Thomson was awarded the 1906 Nobel Prize.

Kaneez Fatima answered 3 weeks ago
The electrons were discovered by JJ THOMSON

Dcod Fine answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thompson!!

Chanchal Sharma answered 3 weeks ago
J. J. Thomson (1897)

Harshit Agrawal answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson ..

Moonlight Stargirl answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson!!!

Ak Thakur answered 3 weeks ago
During the 1880s and ’90s scientists searched cathode rays for the carrier of the electrical properties in matter. Their work culminated in the discovery by English physicist J.J. Thomson of the electron in 1897.

Virendra Jha answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson

Paritosh Singh answered 3 weeks ago
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So your answer is -
Electrons were discovered by J.J Thompson in 1897.
Thank You.

Rekha Agrawal answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson!!

Diana Nair answered 3 weeks ago
J.J Thombson is the one who discovered the electron.There are electrons , protons and neutrons in an atom.The proton and neutrons remain in the nucleus itself but electron move around the nucleus.

Ànshara Mirza answered 3 weeks ago
It's J.J Ťhòmson....

Shreya Kasaudhan answered 3 weeks ago
Required ans is J.J. Thomson..

Parul Yadav answered 3 weeks ago
J.j Thomas discovered the electron

Sushant Singh answered 3 weeks ago
J.J Thomson 1897

Dimpal Fernandes answered 3 weeks ago
Electrons were discovered by J.J Thomson

Mikasi Ambade answered 3 weeks ago
J.J Thomson discovered electrons...

Star Networks answered 3 weeks ago
JJ Thomson..

Sakshi answered 3 weeks ago
J.J. Thomson

Abhishek Sharma answered 2 weeks ago
J J Thomson( Sir Joseph John Thomson)

Sir Joseph John Thomson OM PRS was a British physicist and Nobel Laureate in Physics, credited with the discovery of the electron, the first subatomic particle to be discovered. 

Born: 18 December 1856, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, United Kingdom

Died: 30 August 1940, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Full name: Joseph John Thomson

Discoveries: Electron, Isotope, Subatomic particle

Awards: Nobel Prize in Physics, Hughes Medal, Copley Medal, Royal Medal, Franklin Medal, more

Priya Choudhary answered 3 weeks ago
The electrons that revolves around the nucleus of the atoms was discovered by J.J Thomson by performing the cathode ray tube experiment .

Astha Shukla answered 3 weeks ago
J. J. Thomas

Prakash Solanki answered 3 weeks ago
J.j Thomson

Hardik Jindal answered 2 weeks ago
JJ Thomson !!!

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