Kupffer cells are found in ?

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By Ranju Raju · Oct 06, 2018 ·Class 10
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Rising Star answered Sep 18, 2020
¶¶ Liver¶¶

Panchi Chaudhary answered Oct 06, 2018
Kupffer cell is also known as stellate macrophages.. And the located in liver linings the wall of the sinusoids. ☺☺

Akshay Kenkare answered 2 weeks ago
Kupffer cells (also known as stellate sinusoidal macrophages or Kupffer-Browicz cells) are macrophages found in the sinusoids of the liver. In fact, Kupffer cells make up 80% to 90% of all the macrophages in the entire human body.

the link contains its photo . please see .

Hazra Khatoon answered 3 weeks ago
Kupffer cells are macrophages found in the sinusoids of the liver.

Jhimica Malik answered 2 weeks ago
Macrophages found in Sinusoids of the liver.

Rubani Gulati answered Oct 06, 2018
Kupffer cells, also known as stellate macrophages and Kupffer-Browicz cells, are specialized macrophages located in the liver, lining the walls of the sinusoids. They form part of the mononuclear phagocyte system.

Kittu answered 3 weeks ago
In Liver...

Asha Kumari answered Sep 18, 2020

Kashis answered Sep 18, 2020
Kupffer cells are found in liver

Janani answered 2 weeks ago
*It's liver.

Aditi Dhama answered 3 weeks ago
Ans is liver

M.l Prasanna answered 1 week ago
Yeah answer is liver

Saras Kumar answered 3 weeks ago
In my liver.

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