Important list related to biology?

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By Suresh Kumar · May 15, 2020 ·NEET
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Suresh Kumar answered May 15, 2020

Gautam Jha answered Jul 04, 2020

Gurpreet Kaur answered Jun 03, 2020

Sravnikotesh Sravnikotes answered Jul 02, 2020

Kikrusenuo Khezhie answered Jun 04, 2020
Darwin of 20th century: Earnt Mayr

Kuppa Raja Bhargavi answered 2 weeks ago
Ya ! it is caused by plasmodium vivax.. which causes benign tertian malaria... which causes fever on every third day that is why the answer is given as 72 hours

Ankita Khaire answered yesterday

Krushna Tangade answered 2 days ago
Theory of spontaneous generation is not given by pasteur is given by von helmoltz and theory was denied by pateur so he gave theory of biogenesis

Hansa Kharwas answered 4 weeks ago
Darwin of 20th century - Ernst mayer.

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