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EduRev presents the ultimate guide for acing Banking Exams with its Cheatsheets for Banking Exams course. This comprehensive course is designed to provide students with a quick and effective way to revise and memorize important concepts, formulas, and strategies. With a focus on key topics relevant to Banking Exams, these cheatsheets are the perfect tool to boost your preparation and increase your chances of success. Access these invaluable resources exclusively on EduRev for your Banking Exams preparation.

Cheatsheets for Bank Exams Study Material

Cheatsheets for Bank Exams
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Cheatsheets for Bank Exams Exam Pattern 2024-2025

Cheatsheets for Banking Exams: Exam Pattern for Banking Exams

Banking exams are highly competitive and require thorough preparation in order to succeed. To assist candidates in their preparation, cheatsheets can be a valuable tool. Cheatsheets provide a concise and organized summary of important topics, formulas, and concepts that are frequently tested in banking exams. Here is a breakdown of the exam pattern for banking exams and how cheatsheets can be useful:

1. Preliminary Examination:
- This is the first stage of the banking exam and is conducted online.
- The exam consists of three sections: English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability.
- The total duration of the exam is usually one hour.
- Cheatsheets can help candidates revise key grammar rules, important mathematical formulas, and reasoning concepts.

2. Main Examination:
- Candidates who qualify the preliminary examination move on to the main examination.
- The main examination is also conducted online and consists of four sections: Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, General/Economy/Banking Awareness, English Language, and Data Analysis & Interpretation.
- The total duration of the main examination is usually three hours.
- Cheatsheets can provide a quick review of important banking concepts, current affairs, and computer knowledge.

3. Descriptive Test:
- The descriptive test is conducted in online mode immediately after the main examination.
- It evaluates a candidate's writing skills and ability to express ideas clearly.
- Candidates are required to write an essay and a letter in the given time frame.
- Cheatsheets can help candidates with useful phrases, vocabulary, and essay-writing tips.

4. Interview:
- Candidates who qualify the main examination and descriptive test are called for a personal interview.
- The interview assesses a candidate's suitability for the banking sector, communication skills, and overall personality.
- Cheatsheets can assist candidates in preparing for common interview questions, banking-related terminology, and industry trends.

How Cheatsheets can be useful:
- Time-saving: Cheatsheets provide a condensed version of the entire syllabus, allowing candidates to quickly revise important topics.
- Revision aid: They serve as a handy revision aid and help in retaining and recalling important information during the exam.
- Organization: Cheatsheets are organized in a systematic manner, making it easier for candidates to locate and review specific topics.
- Confidence booster: Having a cheatsheet handy can boost a candidate's confidence during the exam, knowing that they have all the key points at their fingertips.

In conclusion, banking exams are challenging, and candidates need to be well-prepared to succeed. Cheatsheets can be an effective tool in this preparation, providing a concise and organized summary of important topics. By utilizing cheatsheets, candidates can save time, revise effectively, and enhance their chances of scoring well in banking exams.
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Cheatsheets for Bank Exams Syllabus 2024-2025 PDF Download

Banking Exams Syllabus

Quantitative Aptitude
1. Number System: Basic concepts, divisibility rules, HCF and LCM, fractions and decimals, simplification techniques.
2. Percentage: Calculation of percentage, problems on profit and loss, discount, and interest.
3. Ratio and Proportion: Problems on proportions, variations, and mixture and alligation.
4. Average: Problems on average, weighted average, and ages.
5. Time and Work: Problems on work efficiency, wages, and pipes and cisterns.
6. Time and Distance: Problems on speed, distance, and trains.
7. Simple and Compound Interest: Problems on interest rates, principal, and amount.
8. Profit and Loss: Problems on cost price, selling price, and partnerships.
9. Permutation and Combination: Problems on arrangements and selections.
10. Probability: Problems on probability of events and outcomes.
11. Data Interpretation: Tabular, line graph, bar graph, and pie chart.
12. Quadratic Equations: Solving quadratic equations and finding roots.
13. Mensuration: Problems on areas, volumes, and surface areas of various shapes.
14. Data Sufficiency: Analyzing data and finding the solution.
15. Number Series: Finding the missing term or wrong term.

1. Analogy: Identifying relationships between words, numbers, or shapes.
2. Classification: Grouping of given items based on certain characteristics.
3. Coding-Decoding: Decoding patterns and converting them into meaningful words.
4. Blood Relations: Problems on family relationships and their connections.
5. Direction and Distance: Problems on directions and distances traveled.
6. Ranking and Order: Arranging items or individuals based on certain criteria.
7. Alphabet and Number Series: Identifying the missing or next term in a series.
8. Non-Verbal Reasoning: Problems on visual patterns, image analysis, and mirror images.
9. Syllogism: Determining the validity of given statements and conclusions.
10. Verbal Reasoning: Problems on logical deductions, statement-assumptions, and statement-conclusions.
11. Seating Arrangement: Problems on arranging individuals in a specific order and facing a particular direction.
12. Puzzle: Solving complex puzzles involving multiple variables and conditions.
13. Inequality: Comparing quantities and determining the relationship between them.
14. Data Sufficiency: Analyzing given data to determine if it is sufficient to answer the question.
15. Statement and Argument: Evaluating the validity of arguments based on given statements.

English Language
1. Reading Comprehension: Understanding passages and answering questions based on them.
2. Vocabulary: Synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, and sentence completion.
3. Grammar: Error spotting, sentence improvement, and fill in the blanks.
4. Para Jumbles: Arranging jumbled sentences in a logical order.
5. Cloze Test: Filling in the blanks with appropriate words.
6. Sentence Correction: Identifying and correcting grammatical errors in sentences.
7. Sentence Rearrangement: Rearranging jumbled sentences to form a coherent paragraph.
8. Idioms and Phrases: Understanding and using idiomatic expressions in sentences.
9. Active and Passive Voice: Converting sentences from active voice to passive voice and vice versa.
10. Direct and Indirect Speech: Converting sentences from direct speech to indirect speech and vice versa.
11. Word Usage: Choosing the correct word or phrase to complete a sentence.
12. Sentence Completion: Filling in the missing words in a sentence.
13. Paragraph Completion: Completing a paragraph by choosing the most appropriate sentence.
14. Error Detection: Identifying errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
15. Vocabulary-based Questions: Synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases.

- It is important to practice regularly and solve previous year question papers to get familiar with the exam pattern and types of questions.
- Time management is crucial during the exam, so practice solving questions within the given time limit.
- Use cheat sheets or short notes to revise important concepts and formulas before the exam.
- Stay updated with current affairs, especially related to the banking and finance sector.
- Take mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas of improvement.
- Stay calm and composed during the exam, and read the questions carefully before answering.
- Stay confident and believe in your abilities to perform well in the banking exams.

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How to Prepare Cheatsheets for Bank Exams?

How to Prepare Cheatsheets for Banking Exams?

Preparing cheatsheets can be an effective strategy for banking exam preparation. It helps in organizing and summarizing important information in a concise manner, making it easier to revise and retain the key concepts. Here are some steps to create cheatsheets for banking exams:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern: Before creating cheatsheets, it is crucial to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the different sections, topics, and the weightage assigned to each.

2. Gather Study Material: Collect all the relevant study material such as textbooks, notes, previous year question papers, and online resources. Ensure that the study material is reliable and up-to-date.

3. Identify Important Topics: Go through the syllabus and prioritize the topics based on their weightage and difficulty level. Identify the key concepts and formulas that you need to include in your cheatsheets.

4. Create a Structure: Decide on the format and structure of your cheatsheets. You can use bullet points, flowcharts, tables, or diagrams to represent the information effectively. Divide the cheatsheets into sections corresponding to different topics or sections of the exam.

5. Summarize the Information: Condense the information into concise points, formulas, and key concepts. Use your own words to explain the concepts, as it helps in better understanding and retention. Avoid copying large chunks of text from the study material.

6. Use Visual Aids: Incorporate visual aids such as graphs, charts, and diagrams to represent complex information. Visuals can help in understanding and memorizing the content more effectively.

7. Highlight Important Points: Use bold or underline formatting to highlight the most important points or formulas. This makes it easier to locate and revise the key information quickly.

8. Revise and Update: Regularly revise and update your cheatsheets as you progress with your preparation. Add any new concepts or formulas that you come across during your study sessions.

Remember to keep your cheatsheets concise and to the point. Avoid cluttering them with unnecessary information. Regularly practice and refer to your cheatsheets during revision to reinforce your understanding of the topics.

By following these steps, you can create effective cheatsheets that aid in your preparation for banking exams. EduRev offers comprehensive courses for banking exams that cover all the necessary topics and provide study material to help you create your cheatsheets.

Importance of Cheatsheets for Bank Exams

Importance of Cheatsheets for Banking Exams Course for Banking Exams

Cheatsheets play a crucial role in the preparation for banking exams as they serve as handy reference guides that condense all the important information into a concise and organized format. EduRev, a trusted platform for exam preparation, offers a comprehensive Banking Exams Course that includes well-crafted cheatsheets to aid students in their exam preparations.

1. Condensed Information:
Cheatsheets provide a condensed version of the vast syllabus, allowing students to quickly revise and review the essential concepts. EduRev's Banking Exams Course provides cheatsheets that cover the entire syllabus, ensuring that students have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

2. Quick Revision:
During the last few days before the exam, time becomes a critical factor. Cheatsheets enable students to revise the entire syllabus swiftly, saving precious time. With EduRev's Banking Exams Course, students can access cheatsheets that enable them to revise important topics in a short span of time.

3. Easy Memorization:
The concise and structured format of cheatsheets makes it easier for students to memorize and retain the information. Key points and formulas are highlighted, making it simpler for students to understand and remember them. EduRev's Banking Exams Course includes cheatsheets that are designed to enhance memorization and aid in effective learning.

4. Comprehensive Coverage:
EduRev's Banking Exams Course offers cheatsheets that cover all the important topics and concepts required for banking exams. These cheatsheets are meticulously curated by subject matter experts, ensuring that students receive accurate and relevant information. The comprehensive coverage of the syllabus through cheatsheets helps students gain a holistic understanding of the subject matter.

5. Quick Reference Guide:
Cheatsheets serve as a quick reference guide during the exam, allowing students to quickly recall important formulas, concepts, and facts. EduRev's Banking Exams Course provides cheatsheets that are designed to be easily navigable, enabling students to find the required information swiftly during the exam.

Cheatsheets offered through EduRev's Banking Exams Course are invaluable tools for effective exam preparation. They provide students with a condensed version of the syllabus, aid in quick revision, enhance memorization, offer comprehensive coverage of the topics, and serve as a quick reference guide during the exam. Incorporating cheatsheets into the study routine can significantly improve the chances of success in banking exams.

Cheatsheets for Bank Exams FAQs

1. What are banking exams?
Ans. Banking exams refer to the competitive exams conducted by various banks and financial institutions to recruit candidates for various banking positions. These exams assess the knowledge and skills of candidates in areas such as banking, finance, mathematics, reasoning, and general awareness.
2. Which are the popular banking exams conducted in India?
Ans. Some of the popular banking exams conducted in India are: - State Bank of India (SBI) Probationary Officer (PO) Exam - Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO Exam - IBPS Clerk Exam - SBI Clerk Exam - RBI Grade B Officer Exam - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Exam
3. What topics are covered in banking exams?
Ans. Banking exams usually cover topics such as: - Quantitative Aptitude: Arithmetic, Algebra, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency - Reasoning Ability: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Ability - English Language: Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Verbal Ability - General Awareness: Current Affairs, Banking and Financial Awareness, and General Knowledge - Computer Knowledge: Basic Computer Concepts, Internet, and Microsoft Office
4. How can I prepare for banking exams?
Ans. To prepare for banking exams, you can follow these tips: - Understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. - Create a study schedule and stick to it. - Practice previous year's question papers and mock tests to understand the exam pattern and improve time management. - Read newspapers and magazines to stay updated with current affairs. - Take online or offline coaching classes for guidance and expert tips. - Focus on weak areas and work on improving them. - Revise regularly and solve as many practice questions as possible.
5. Are cheat sheets helpful in banking exam preparation?
Ans. Cheat sheets can be helpful in banking exam preparation as they provide a quick overview of important topics, formulas, and key points. They can be used as a last-minute revision tool to reinforce your knowledge. However, it is important to note that cheat sheets should not be relied upon solely for exam preparation. It is essential to study the entire syllabus thoroughly and understand the concepts in depth.
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Best Coaching for Cheatsheets for Bank Exams

When it comes to preparing for banking exams, having access to reliable study materials is crucial. That's where EduRev, the best coaching platform for cheatsheets for banking exams, comes in. EduRev offers a wide range of online study materials specifically tailored for banking exam preparation. With the option to download PDFs, students can easily access the necessary resources anytime, anywhere, for free. The study materials provided by EduRev include summaries of important chapters, cheatsheets, practice questions, previous year papers, and model papers. These resources cover the entire banking exam syllabus and are designed to help students revise and reinforce their understanding of key concepts.

In addition to the study materials, EduRev also offers online coaching courses that provide a comprehensive study plan and strategy for banking exam preparation. The courses include video lectures, doubt-solving sessions, quizzes, and mock interviews to help students gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and improve their overall performance. Moreover, EduRev regularly updates its study resources to align with the latest banking exam patterns and syllabus changes, ensuring that students have access to the most relevant and up-to-date content.

One of the key advantages of EduRev is its focus on exam techniques and tricks. The platform provides valuable tips and shortcuts that can help students save time and improve their efficiency during the exam. Additionally, EduRev offers guidance on time management and success tips to help students stay organized and perform at their best.

With EduRev, students can confidently prepare for banking exams, knowing that they have access to the best coaching, study materials, and resources available. The platform not only equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their exams but also opens up numerous career opportunities in the banking sector. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive and reliable platform to prepare for banking exams, EduRev is the go-to choice.

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To make sure you are not studying endlessly, EduRev has designed Bank Exams study material, with Structured Courses, Videos, & Test Series. Plus get personalized analysis, doubt solving and improvement plans to achieve a great score in Bank Exams.
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Cheatsheets for Bank Exams
Cheatsheets for Bank Exams
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