Can you explain the answer of this question below
One of the following functions is exhibited only by green plants and not by animals.
A: Growth
B: Photosynthesis
C: Digestion
D: Response
The answer is b.

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By Daniyal Johnson · Jun 05, 2018 ·NEET
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Angel Kkk answered Jan 08, 2019

Aiims New Delhi answered May 17, 2018
Photosynthesis only shown by green plants due to presence of chlorophyll and not by animals

Aravindh .r answered Jul 14, 2018

Raiyan Zaib answered Jul 12, 2019
See here is your answer ___!!!

Plants and animals are both living things, but at first glance, they seem very different. Animals tend to move around, while plants stay rooted in one place. Animals eat their food, while plants convert sunlight into the energy they need. Despite these differences, scientists argue that plants and animals are more similar than they are different. Some living things even blur the line between the plant and animal kingdoms.

Hope agree

Bhaskar Ala answered Jun 15, 2020
Photosynthesis is only performed by plants..

Prachi Singh answered Jun 05, 2018
It is photosynthesis which can not be perform by legendary animals

Nilofor Nisha answered Jul 22, 2020
B. photosynthesis....

Inturi Ganesh answered Jun 18, 2020
Correct answer is option B. as we all know growth , digestion, response is seen both plants and animals but photosynthesis is only exhibited by plants through which they make their own food and it is not seen in animals.

Dristy Joshi answered Jun 21, 2020
Photosynthesis is a process exhibit only by green plants but not by any other living organism .
Hence ,correct answer is photosynthesis

Anjali Mishra answered Jun 14, 2020
Photosynthesis can plants do

Noor Ul Islam answered Sep 11, 2020
B. photosynthesis
because plants have chloroplasts but animals don't

Rts St answered Jun 15, 2020
Photosynthesis... because plants are autotrophs and they make there own food..and animals depends on them

Karthik Naidu answered Jun 26, 2020
Photosynthesis exhibit by only animals

Vishnu Balekar answered Apr 23, 2020
Chloroplast is correct help in photosynthesis.

Sharmistha Giri answered May 08, 2020
Photosynthesis occure in green plants due to present of chlorophyll which helps in photosynthesis but animal is lack of chlorophyll .so there is no photosynthesis in animal.

Gayatri Menda answered Jun 21, 2020
B photosynthesis. It is due to absence of chlorophyll in human body

Abhishek Nirmal answered Aug 31, 2020
Photosynthesis answer

Ŕåmžãřįbä answered Sep 19, 2020
Photosynthesis!! because of chlorophyll pigment are present in them

Richa Borah answered Jun 21, 2020
Photosynthesis will be the answer which is exhibit by the green plants not by any animals

Nutan Jaiswal answered Jun 06, 2020
It is the property of green plants since they have chlorophyll they perform photosynthesis and synthesise their own food

Wahid Khan answered Oct 31, 2019
Photosynthesis is a biochemical process of synthesis of glucose using light energy. The process of photosynthesis occurs in chloroplast. As only green plants have chloroplast hence photosynthesis can occur only in green parts of the plant.

Shaana Vishkarma answered Aug 10, 2020
Photosynthesis , the process by which green plant turn carbon dioxide and water into food using energy from sunlight.

Dinesh Mahajan answered Sep 10, 2020
During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds with the help of chlorophyll.

Vanshika Churiwal answered Jan 07, 2019
Answer is photosynthesis because it is the process happening in green plants not in animal

Nanakram Ram answered Jul 16, 2020
Self food preparation process is only photosynthesis occurs in plants not animals bcz animals get prepared food from other living things

Kadambala Hemalatha answered Jun 02, 2020
Option B is correct.all plants are atotrops they prepair their own food by tha process of photosynthesis. they are contains special type of structure chlorophyll (green color).

Subhash Rowdy answered Jul 13, 2020
Photosynthesis. is answer. option B. .. animals can't perform photosynthesis

Priya Mahale answered Jun 30, 2020
B is correct ans

Saloni Rathod answered Sep 19, 2020
Photosynthesis bcz of chlorophyll pigment present in them

Legendry Khaitan answered Sep 26, 2020
Option b
bcz green plant dont show locomotion like that of animals..

Prerna Wakpaijan answered Aug 12, 2020
Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their own food as they are autotrophs .Humans can't make there own food thus they are heterotrophs

Nikita Pati answered Jul 11, 2020
As the all other things also occur in human beings and animals but photosynthesis is only the things that occur in plants

Vijay Ratiwal answered Aug 13, 2020
Photosynthesis is performed by plant but not by animal

Sakshi Karande answered Jul 12, 2020
B option since photosynthesis is not perform by animals

Baby Shark answered Jun 14, 2020
Ofcourse its Photosynthesis its because green plants only contain chlorophyll not the animals.

Ravi Ravi answered Sep 04, 2020
Photosynthesis is occurrs only plants and not in animals

Jigisha Gurav answered Sep 01, 2020
Photosynthesis is only done by plants due to the presence of chlorophyll...

Anitha Jadhav answered Aug 28, 2020
Photosynthesis is answer bcz plants prepare they own food nd animal depend on plants for they food

Lil Gamer answered Jul 23, 2020
Photosynthesis can only becarried by plants not by animal

Anaswara Rajput answered Aug 28, 2020
The correct answer is option (b)Photosynthesis

Bhavanirao Challa answered May 24, 2020
Answer is b( plants contain cell organelle chloroplast which is not present in animals)

Mohd Usman answered Jun 14, 2020
Plants show photosynthesis because they have chlorophyll for the formation of carbohydrates but in animal being not like it

Muskaan Khan answered May 19, 2020
Animals don't have chlorophyll, light harvesting complex and neither they are autotrophic

Mohammad Nomaan answered Jun 05, 2018
Photosynthesis require chlorophyll, water, sunlight and carbon dioxide in order to occur. animal have no chlorophyll so cannot photosynthesis. animals are mainly heterotrophs which means they cannot manufacture their food. ... There are also a fewspecies of nudibranch that can photosynthesize some of their own energy.

Geetika Mathur answered Jun 01, 2020
Photosynthesis is only shown by green plants due to the presence of chlorophyll in it.So the correct answer is B.

Ashish Kate answered Jun 05, 2018
All of the characters are same except photosynthesis (B) because in plants green pigments are present for ex chlorophyll

Akanksha Ranjan answered Jun 05, 2018
The correct answer is 'B'....because photosynthesis is the process of getting food by plants in the presence of sunlight and it cannot be exhibited by the animals

Sumiya Fatima answered Jun 29, 2020
Answer is B photosynthesis

Aadya Kashalikar answered Aug 18, 2020
Animals do not contain chlorophyll which is important factor in the process of photosynthesis and green plants have chlorophyll pigments hence they can perform photosynthesis and not animals

Rajendra Wayal answered Jul 04, 2020
Correct answer is option b bcoz animals doesnt have an photosynthetic machinary.

Subhash Ghosliya answered Jul 31, 2020
Photosynthesis having only for plants nothing by human because of photosynthesis is a process in which food formation occur that's plants made food because this are autotropic and human or animals are hetetotropic.

Mudavath Madhan answered Jun 18, 2020
B is the correct photosynthesis is the primary principle in green plants

Kunal Singh answered May 22, 2020
The right answer is 'B'. Because photosynthesis is the process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy.which can letter be released to fuel the organisms' activity.

Shaik Munishad answered May 09, 2020
Growth ,response and digestion occurs in both plants and animals .photosynthesis occurs only in plants because plants are autotrops and humans are heterotrops

Vivek Kamble answered Jul 17, 2019
Because photosynthesis is carried by only by plants

Muskan Seervi answered Jan 07, 2019
Photosynthesis is the answer.

Santosh Kumari answered Sep 09, 2020
Due to present of green colouring pigment plants perform a special type of process called photosynthesis to make its own food with the help of sunlight
this special property of making their food in this way is shown only by plants

Young Gun answered Jul 21, 2020

Rahul K answered Feb 04, 2020
Yes the answer is photosynthesis,as chlorophyll which is a necessary component of photosynthesis is present only in green plants

Palak Raj answered Aug 09, 2020
B, photosynthesis

Sharath Raj answered Sep 05, 2020
Plants perform photsynthesis due to the presence of chlorophyll pigment but in animals doesn't have this pigment

Advitha answered Sep 09, 2020
B-photosynthesis can exibited by plants beacuse they have clorophyll pigment

Ulfat Hafeez answered Apr 02, 2020
Photosynthesis is the correct option ..because animals lack chlorophyll and chlorophyll is much important for photosynthesis

Shyamal Modak. answered May 19, 2020
B . photosynthesis is performed by plants only because they have chlorophyll.

Shreya Kotangale answered Jul 08, 2020
Ans. is photosynthesis

Geetika Singh answered Jun 06, 2020
B. photosynthesis.

Basavaraja Basavaraja. K answered Jun 23, 2020
Photosynthesis option B

Jaggu Bandar answered Jun 02, 2020
Beacuse they have chlorophyll as yall know ...

Manjunath Manju answered Jul 23, 2020
Photosynthesis, occur in plants in chloroplast in presence of sunlight, but animals do not possess chloroplast

Sreethi Kylasam answered Aug 22, 2020
B.. photosynthesis

Kekan Dp answered Aug 01, 2020
Photosynthesis is ans
growth in animal is indirect and in plan it is direct
digestion occur in every living
response is the reaction of living thing
animals are depend on plants for food they didn't have chlorophyll for the reaction of CO2 and light

Dora Revanth answered Aug 21, 2020
Photosynthesis is the process of preparation of food only done by the green plants because they are amyotrophic in nature but animals like wild are heterotrophic in nature and animals doesn't have green coloured chloroplast features so b is the correct option and the process of photosynthesis done by the plants is must for the all living organisms because during the process it releases oxygen as the by product.

Pasham Pramod answered May 29, 2020
Answer : B
Explanation: Only Plants Contain Chloroplast More clearly Chlorophyll Whereas Animals Lack this answered May 27, 2020
Only plants can undergo the mechanism of photosynthesis due to the presence of chlorophyll(green color pigment)
which helps the plant to trap light ...whereas this pigment is not present in animals

Renuka Raman answered Sep 13, 2020
Answer B is right photosynthesis

Ritika Kundu answered Sep 18, 2020
Photosynthesis as only plant are autotroph

Kavita Khajuria answered Aug 07, 2020
Photosynthesis.. as plant prepare their food with the help of chlorophyll and sunlight by the process of photosynthesis.. and as we all know Animals are heterotrophs and depend on others for their food... ""BHARAT MATA KI JAI""

Netra Bandivaddar answered Aug 17, 2020
Photosynthesis bcz plants have chlorophyll but animals can not have chlorophyll

Anbuganapathi A answered May 08, 2020
The answer is photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is present in green plants and absent in animals. Moreover digestion, response and other activities are common in both animals and plants

Monalika Singh answered 4 days ago
Bis correct because do photosynthesis to prepare food. photosynthesis occurs in the green leaves of plants which contains stomata where as in animals there is no stomata present so there is no photosynthesis in animals .

Akanksha Mahalle answered yesterday
The process of photosynthesis is unique in following ways:-

1. Photosynthesis converts inorganic raw materials into food, that provides our ecosystem with energy.

2. Green plants provide organic food to all the animals and humans.

3. Rare fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas are formed through the degradation of the past plant and animal parts, which were originally formed by photosynthesis.

4. Plant products like timber, rubber, herbs, medicines resin and oils are derived from photosynthesis.

5. Photosynthesis helps in providing oxygen in the atmosphere required by all living organisms.

6. Photosynthesis decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide and other harmful industrial wastes that lead to respiration problems in living beings.

Kashish Kumari answered Aug 01, 2020
B. photosynthesis

Adwaitha Mr answered Jun 10, 2020
Rest all are shown by both the organisms

Suhail Rajput answered Apr 11, 2020
Photosynthesis only shown by green plant becoz green plants have chloroplast, which not found in animals..

Joel Raj answered Aug 06, 2020
Photosynthesis is carried out only by green plants and not animals.

Grandhisila Nandini answered May 08, 2020
because plants contain chlorophyll

Shital Pawar answered Jun 16, 2020
The photosynthesis only occurs in green plants because green plant show the present of chloroplast .
the chloroplast is the organelle which show the chlorophyll pigments and the process of photosynthesis take place by the chlorophyll in the presence of sun light .and another thing is animal show some character like plant but there no chlorophyll in animal it can't carry the process of photosynthesis .so option b is correct.i hope it's help you.

Shalini Durai answered Aug 31, 2020
Photosynthesis is absolutely right ans..
Because it occurs only when chlorophyll is present
In plants chlorophyl is present but in animals are absent..This is the reason