Can you explain the answer of this question below:
Which one is less general in characteristic as compared to genus
A: Species
B: Family
C: Class
D: Division
The answer is a.
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Amit Ghosh
Jun 28, 2018
The answer is D because When we go from higher taxonomic category to the lower then the general characteristics decreases as the specific characteristics becomes increases.

Bala G
Feb 08, 2020
Hi .

The answer is A) Species.

Reason : Simple basic concept.
Genus is a group of species which are similar to each other.

For Example : I take Genera Solanum.. It has various species like Nigrum, Melongenna, tuberosus, etc.

It is clear that, if I refer to Genus Solanum, I may be referring to any of these species.
This condition is LESS SPECIFIC and MORE GENERAL

But, If I particularly refer to a species eg: Nigrum... Ultimately this condition get you MORE SPECIFIED/ NO GENERAL.

Coming to our question, LESS GENERAL (means more specified) when compared to genus is species only and not any other one.
Thank You.

Vyshnavi Vadla
Jul 27, 2018
Answer should be family because the question is less general characters as compared to genus

Option D. is correct, because lower to higher rank..similar characters are decrease's and complexity of organization increases.. soo.. division (phylum) Is correct answer..

Shubham Wagh
Apr 01, 2020
Answer is A, always remember less general means more similar..!

We can easily understand the taxonomic category as
K P/D C O F G S in that s-means species,as it has less is easy way to learn taxonomic category.....(P/D means phylum/division)

Siliveru Pooja
Apr 27, 2020
The answer is A. species

Shivi Singh
Jul 04, 2020
General character increasing when moving From species to kingdom . species is less general if we compared anyone and as well as genus also so option A is correct

Naveen Rajan
Jun 22, 2020
Ans: Species bcz its less general character when compared with genus .

Manish Dhull
May 31, 2020
Group of species is called genus. species is most important unit of taxonomic key. more diversity present in species as compare to genus. less similarity in anmial as compare to genus. species is smallest unit of taxonomy.

Wasi Ul Haq
Jul 05, 2020
A is the correct ans bcz from top to bottom character decreases

Vanshika Tomar
Mar 24, 2020
Species is more specific and less general
eg-Panthera tigris and Panthera pardis have tigris and pardis species specific while these both are less general
So the correct answer is 'a'
Thank u

Vishal Giri
Jun 07, 2018
As we go from species to higher taxa like class,,, division and kingdom . no. of similar characteristics decreases. In the given opt-in division has less similar characteristics ..................very less similar than genus as it is higher taxa and consist of many different genuses with different families.

Kanika S
Apr 08, 2020
Species is the correct answer.

Geeta Rayate
Mar 30, 2020
I think the ans D is correct ans....

A, as down the taxonomic group the specificity of characters increases. While the common characters are decreased.

Tejas Tambakhe
Jul 03, 2020
The answer should be D bcoz as different organism are present from different species, genus so common characters decreases.

Richa Borah
Jun 21, 2020
Species will be the answer because
species < genus="" />< />< />
from this trand it is clear that species has less similar characteristics than genus

Nav Srab
May 30, 2020
The answer is d bcuz species share more commom and particular characterstics as comparef to genus

Dristy Joshi
Jun 21, 2020
Answer is D .as division is highest taxonomist category and also as we go higher from lowest level to higher level we find less similarities.

Bhaskar Ala
Jun 21, 2020
Species have less general chatecters compared to genus

Ashok Dhaka
May 25, 2020
1st,the meaning of question is ,which taxonomic group has less general characters or common characters as compared to the genus or more similar character as compared to genus.
the correct answer is species becoZ species is lowest taxonomic category & have more similar character compared to genus and also have less common characters and genus is consist of many species so, genus contain more general or common characters.

Vilas Kumar M D
Apr 01, 2020
Less general means more specific character

Satyawart Sangwan
Jul 04, 2020
D) division. because as we go from species to kingdom the common characteristics will decreases.

All options are incorrect except option a species because if we consider the ascending order of taxonomic categories then we get that species has less similar characters than the genus it is written in ncert

Sania Sayyed
Jun 14, 2018
Answer must be d

Kishore D
Apr 06, 2020
option A is correct

Jun 14, 2018
Answer is d) species

Tulya Sree
Jun 22, 2020
The correct hierarchy is: Kingdom>Phylum>Class>Order>Family>Genus>Species.
Kingdom is the highest taxon with least similarities in characters whereas species is the least taxon with similar morphological characters and behavior.Species is followed by genus by having slightly fewer similarities among it's members.
So answer is species.

Sruthi Kadambala
May 27, 2020
Species is the correct answer
as we go from species to kingdom the similarities decrease below genus species is present with more similarities

Dimpal Mashalkar
Dec 07, 2018
I think answer should be family because they asked as compared to genus it means above the genus which has less common character

Akshay Hosamani
May 07, 2020
Species is below the genus

Awantika Gupta
Apr 08, 2020
As we goes down from kingdom from species in taxonomical hierarchy vegetative character incerases that's why we use reproductive character to define.

Shashi Kumar
Jan 16, 2019
When we move upward in hierarchy , the common characters goes on decreasing.. see NCERT 11th Page no-10 2nd last line and page no-11 first paragraph.
in this question see that category which comes at top in the hierarchy. we find that division comes above all. so it will be the right answer.

Bhairavi Balan
Jan 15, 2019
Ans : D...
is it Right Friends..

Sanakhan Khan
Jun 05, 2020
Answer,(a) is correct because when move from lover texanomic category to higher general charecter is increase

Wahid Khan
Nov 17, 2019
Species is the lowest taxonomic category. Class is a category made of one or more related orders possessing similar correlated characters. Family is composed of one to many related genera. Division comprises of several related classes.

Sonal Mestry
Feb 19, 2020
Species have less and general characters as compared to genus

Varaprasad Battu
Apr 28, 2020
Species as this is lower than the genus but it contains more similar characteristics so answer A

Jun 18, 2020
I think d should be answer !

Bharat Nayi
May 24, 2020
Species is lower differs from genus

Gulzar Ahmad
May 20, 2020
The answer must be B...
On moving from top to bottom,similarities increase n on moving from bottom to top,similarities decrease....Hence family,class n Division,all the three are less general in characteristics than genus but the most probable answer is family bcoz it comes just after genus

Gurpreet Kaur
May 20, 2020
bcz in species no of similar characters are more as compared to genus

Parveen Princess
Apr 28, 2020
Options A is correct answer of this question

Veerpal Kaur
Feb 20, 2020
Species is the lowest taxonomic category. Class is a category made of one or more related orders possessing similar correlated characters. Family is composed of one to many related genera. The division comprises of several related classes.

I think the correct ans for this ques is D option as we move from lower to upper taxa of classification the similar characters decreases.As the order is as follow:
So class is higher than other taxa so it has less similar characters...

Dileep Ravula
Apr 27, 2020
The correct answer is d

Aadil Khan
Jun 21, 2020
Species share more closely related characters...when you go through higher levels...general characters they share...increases

Neha Kadam
Apr 25, 2020
Option a is right
and remember one trick to solve que like this;
(keep plate clean or family get sick) here k for kingdom p for phylum c for class o for order f for family and g for genus s for species

Roopa M
Nov 01, 2020
Answer to this question is family. bcz as we move above from species to kingdom there will be less similar characters are present between organisms, species have more similar characters than genus. genus have more similar characters than family..... like this it goes upto kingdom

Bhuvan Bevoor
Feb 18, 2019
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