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Very Short Answer Questions: Statistics Doc | 3 pages
NCERT Solutions: Statistics (Exercise 14.1) Doc | 3 pages
NCERT Solutions: Statistics (Exercise 14.2) Doc | 2 pages
Long Answer Questions: Statistics - 1 Doc | 6 pages
NCERT Textbook: Statistics Doc | 35 pages
Long Answer Questions: Statistics - 2 Doc | 4 pages
Previous Year Questions: Statistics Doc | 1 page
Important Definitions & Formulas: Statistics Doc | 1 page
Points to Remember: Statistics Doc | 4 pages
NCERT Solutions: Statistics (Exercise 14.3) Doc | 3 pages
Important Questions: Statistics Test | 10 ques | 10 min
Median of Grouped Data Video | 12:47 min
Practice Test: Statistics Test | 10 ques | 10 min
Introduction(Mean, Median & Mode) Video | 03:47 min
Question Bank: Statistics Doc | 15 pages
NCERT Exemplar: Statistics Doc | 1 page
Let's Recap: Statistics Doc | 4 pages
Value Based Questions: Statistics Doc | 1 page
Facts that Matter: Statistics Doc | 1 page
RS Aggarwal Test: Statistics Test | 25 ques | 25 min
Test: Mode of Grouped Data Test | 10 ques | 10 min
Test: Arithmetic Mean of Grouped Data Test | 15 ques | 15 min
Test: Relation between Central Tendencies Test | 10 ques | 10 min
Short Answer Questions: Statistics Doc | 1 page
RD Sharma Test: Statistics Test | 25 ques | 25 min
Example: Mean Deviation Method Video | 04:59 min
Case Based Questions Test: Statistics Test | 15 ques | 30 min
NCERT Solutions: Statistics (Exercise 14.4) Doc | 2 pages
Step Deviation Method for Mean Video | 10:10 min
Test: Cumulative Frequency Curve Test | 15 ques | 15 min

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NCERT Textbook of Statistics - Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 | Free PDF

NCERT Textbooks for Class 10 are the best books to learn and understand the basic concepts of Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. Teachers generally prefer NCERT textbooks for Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. Usually, the major portion of the question paper is composed of the questions from NCERT Textbook. The best way to understand the course material is to ensure that students solve all the questions in the NCERT Textbook by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). It is crucial that they learn with quality study material and get the right guidance if they want to score well in their examination. So, EduRev provides free pdfs of the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) Textbook of Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. Here, students can find the PDF of Statistics and all the other related chapters.

NCERT Textbook of Statistics - Mathematics (Maths) Class 10

After going through the chapter from the NCERT textbook, students generally try to attempt the NCERT exercise questions of Class 10. If unable to answer the question we are here to help them by providing the NCERT Solutions of Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. When it comes to preparation point of view then there is no best way other than NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) solutions for Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. We understand the problem faced by the students while learning. As a result, NCERT Solutions are created by experts in easy language so that they can use it to learn for their own convenience. Now, there is no need to wait for classroom teaching as these documents are designed in a manner that can help them score good marks in your exam. Going through NCERT solutions of Statistics will help them to understand the topic very well.

Videos for Statistics - Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 | Class 10

It is scientifically proven that the things we see stay for a longer period of time in our minds than the things we read. EduRev is providing videos for important topics in Statistics for Class 10. These videos are created by experts to give them in-depth knowledge of the topics and to clear a lot of concepts regarding that chapter. This will help them understand things by visualizing the tips and tricks and will make learning easy. These videos of Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 are chosen to make the concept more clear. Provided here are the videos of the chapter:

Notes for Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 -

Here we have given notes for Statistics for Class 10. Statistics is part of Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 for Quick Revision. These notes are comprehensive and detailed yet concise enough to glance through for exam preparations. Statistics is one of the critical chapters for students to understand thoroughly to perform well in Class 10 examinations. Many students find this chapter a little complicated and thus they can take help from EduRev CBSE Class 10 notes, prepared by expert teachers according to the latest NCERT syllabus.

Online Test for Mathematics (Maths) Class 10 -

After completing the Statistics it becomes important for students to evaluate themselves how much they have learned from the chapter. Here comes the role of chapter-wise Tests of Statistics. EduRev provides you with three to four tests for each chapter. These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) for Class 10 are so designed to make them understand the types of questions that come during the exam. By attempting these tests one can not only evaluate themselves but can also make a good hold on Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. Taking tests helps them manage time during the exam and also builds their confidence. For proper learning, we have provided here a number of Tests. Taking these tests will definitely help them improve your score.

Short and long Questions of Statistics

In order to understand and remember the concepts read in Mathematics (Maths) Class 10, practicing questions on that is an effective method. Having a good number of short and long questions in hand improves extra problem solving skills. For this purpose EduRev provides the best short and long questions for the Mathematics (Maths) Class 10. The questions are neatly arranged in a proper manner for the student’s convenience. It is advised to solve all the short and long questions of that chapter Practicing extra questions will give a clarity about the concept of that Statistics.

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  1. What are the questions asked in Class 10 examinations?
    As per the CBSE exam pattern for Class 10 2021, the type of questions asked in the examination are Very Short Answer (VSA) type, Short Answer(SA) type, and Long Answer (LA) type. There will be CBSE internal marks for Class 10 2022 of 20 marks for both the terms.