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Worksheet for Class 4 - Notes - Class 4

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Worksheet for Class 4 English

Chapter 1: Wake Up/Neha`s Alarm Clock

Chapter 2: Noses/The Little Fir Tree

Chapter 3: Run/Nasruddin’s Aim

Chapter 4: Why/Alice In Wonderland

Chapter 5: Don`t Be Afraid Of The Dark/Helen Keller

Chapter 6: Hiawatha/The Scholars Mother Tongue

Chapter 7: A Watering Rhyme/The Giving Tree

Chapter 8: Books/Going To Buy A Book

Chapter 9: The Naughty Boy/Pinocchio

Chapter 10: I Had A Little Pony/The Milkmans Cow

Worksheet for Class 4 EVS

Chapter 1: Going To School

Chapter 2: Ear To Ear

Chapter 3: A Day With Nandu

Chapter 4: The Story Of Amrita

Chapter 5: Anita And The Honeybees

Chapter 6: Omana Journey

Chapter 7: From The Window

Chapter 8: Reaching Grandmother House

Chapter 9: Changing Families

Chapter 10: Hu Tu Tuhu Tu Tu

Chapter 11: The Valley Of Flowers

Chapter 12: Changing Times

Chapter 13: A River`s Tale

Chapter 14: Basva Farm

Chapter 15: From Market To Home

Chapter 16: A Busy Month

Chapter 17: Nandita In Mumbai

Chapter 18: Too Much Water, Too Little Water

Chapter 19: Abdul In The Garden

Chapter 20: Eating Together

Chapter 21: Food And Fun

Chapter 22: The World In My Home

Chapter 23: Pochampalli

Chapter 24: Home And Abroad

Chapter 25: Spicy Riddles

Chapter 26: Defence Officer Wahida

Chapter 27: Chuskit Goes To School

Worksheet for Class 4 Social Science

Our Country India

The Southern Plateaus

The Northern Plain

The Climate in Our Country

The Northern Mountain

The Coastal Plains and Islands

Water Resources

Soils of India

Mineral Resources

Human Resources

Forest and Wildlife




Transport and Communication

Our Rich Culture

Our Rights and Duties

Our Government

Worksheet for Class 4 Science

Adaptations in Plants

Digestive System

How Do Plants Make Their Food?

Reproduction in Animals

Food: Our Basic Need

Adaptation in Animals

Solids, Liquids & Gases

Weather, Water and Air

The Solar System

Force, Energy & Work

Our Environment

Clothes – Our Protection

Worksheet for Class 4 Mathematics

Chapter 1: Building With Bricks

Chapter 2: Long And Short

Chapter 3: A Trip To Bhopal

Chapter 4: Tick Tick Tick

Chapter 5: The Way The World Looks

Chapter 6: The Junk Seller

Chapter 7: Jugs And Mugs

Chapter 8: Carts And Wheels

Chapter 9: Halves And Quarters

Chapter 10: Play With Patterns

Chapter 11: Tables And Shares

Chapter 12: How Heavy How Light

Chapter 13: Fields And Fences

Chapter 14: Smart Charts

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Worksheet for Class 4 - Notes - Class 4


Worksheet for Class 4 - Notes - Class 4


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Worksheet for Class 4 - Notes - Class 4


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